Tuesday 13 February 2024

" memorable word"


means also...leave in place the same ...one

a year default password 

but thats just, real life... real sick human 
fantasy ones, are in my ofgice prior to go off and  try and make some sense!  as a writerly person

one if my many motes from the summer.
July 21 Making Sense ( i know nothing more arrogannt and unspiritual) podcast Sam Harris... forget him pipsqueek...
but to hear him chat with  L A Paul supposedly real toppest brain

was fascinating .. the end result of   40 or 50 years of this  
that we, are all  unique personas so so autonomously directed... so unique

when just a few weeks later i ssw a universal tjing, if a superb dancer falls and twists her ankle, she will just like everyone else...universally be just as bodily fucked as everyone else..

 the implication in L A Paulspeak that really there is no universal....

is back to the stone age even further than any nutjob 1400 year old religion may attempt

never mind so rediculously wrong.... as 
'fear'  and inability to accept ones end  
and demise
are the  fundamental forces defined us since about the enlightenment, and i know full well have gone even more negative in UNIVERSAL.. net effect across society

but nope the superprofs seem to know the opposite... 
we can only Be
 atomised and thats good...
and who we are

and i was from about 15- 30 the ultimate,
 only 'free',  near anarchist 
self determinator
just meeist
on the planet.

nope..its scientifically .. never mind spiritually, so wrong its daft

but scary to admit it
you were