Thursday 22 February 2024

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21 feb Serbia more eco great than uk, whom perform 'dog' when the fine Serbians 

homoerotically march to the doggie bbqs*

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1. at last - THE failure of anything environmental has been REAL rhetoric.... afternoon wandering i got ONE answer..out of the blue

25 years ago as i would wander in former soviet countries one lament above all, as i saw an explosion of crassest materialism:  poor lambs wouldnt LISTEN, the very rich in uk made do with tatty clothes - i knew many... greedy filled up wardrobes really werent cool at ALL

And of course every propagandised ultra consumer of todays  30 and 40 something generation arent told a SIMPLE truth, of how the very rich chose to Be ...



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INCOMPLETE, more link video talks to go in today

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