Friday 9 February 2024

" not even for... five seconds"

 I have nothing against the junkies...  littering the lanes of just about all the SW .    except as one famous fine longliving junkie demonstrated... 

"  he too can have Mozart in izz little one.... but before you open your gob and spout  whatever new age great reset ... your brain,  and do about ten years of hard work ...first.... perhaps reading some real books like Goldings Island or even Cormacks death cult Road... then like himtoo...  from his many years of studying the greatest slave music... the great minds cme first... and figuring how he can be the best there ever was after a tremendous amount i may listen to youtoo..."

but versions... theres only one

And the girlies can get there two...  even if theredm are  two types of 'gun'.  .. one is silent