Monday 26 February 2024

The environment


25 Feb

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The Environment

and google drive m4a

Merely... cos i know it is abdolutelly impossible anyone even follows through a good chat " hey we should meet talk more... ponder just how to frame things usefully"

nope... all so so stuck and distracted by their endless 

'trauma' and other " hurts".. or in the case of a few pretend ' men' i once knew... just stuck being children.

And even battling that for years, none manage to maintain ANY themes in 

conversation... ( always aimed at DOing something eg " you care or... say you do.... environment, egalitarian community,  you are  straight in your dealings... you should consider joining your local council....  i have a bit if experience in all that,  i will bolster or practically augment you if you do.." may as well be talking to actual Mermaids who genetically mutated due the shit in the creeks ( prozac flavoured, today we here double the number of youth last decade,  are on it)  so that their heads  actually  have a real fish brain rather than the " human" one that  has been turned into fishhead operations due Eckhart and all the self pity... dressed up as Be ing in control...

so i only prepare to attempt

slow slow.... just poetically ponder better words one day to roll out..propper... 

Not for my generation. It is impossible to ever know if one word they mutter, is in any way who they are...or could Be...