Monday 19 February 2024


 Must end.

Even if the destination is to say the least, timeless... 

All i know is ... i hope she remembers  the day she caught dad out whitelying.... 

" sorry sweets...  [ having had enough of Rhianna and her umberella or whatver was in vogue that year] ... youvevhad it on all mirning our journey down here....but radio 1 doesnt work around here, it stops a km fact all radio stations are jammed... the religious Welsh  cathedralite cult... all powerful supertransmitter they have

...  to jam ALL  the stations..... you arent allowed to even smile within 10 Serbian kilomtes of  their cult central... 

" ...if i turn the knob on all we will hear is religious chanting and preaching and selfpitying ... they broadcast ALL stations religious deathcult popoganda.... its like druids on drugs and all of shamanistic cash cow crap  in the universe is plopped on this one smallest City....  dont let them see even a smirk of mirth..... you know the vibe wecgitvlast month vanloping through here.... shit fishnchips too.... ok i will put a tape on... yes this is a goodn .. a great songwriter...  

bit smbiguous whether she wants and likes   a smacked bottom or not... splendid real british psychology.... genius and only 20..."

FF a few days of august 2008 in endless monsoons

" ok... lets go see if theres anythinh to 'borrow' in here... flip theres a  pestilent  flood  in the archway...half way to the vestry.... too fat the staff here, on wine n biccies,   to bother lugging sandbags and protect their  large old cave   ..oh well good job we got ourceelllies on..."

in the undercave

"STOP.!!!! ..look i told you about them and radio 1 blocking.... if the religious thought police hear us we'll get burned at the too mean to give steak n chips to any tramps these days...   "

" Dad ..  what does speweff mean..?. and goofe......? and the vix  then did  knikeff the old lady congregant's   widow's golden chalice, she knickeff from the one before him after a good goofing all the parisj said she glowed from for many a year.... and he sold his  'borrowed' jewells  for large veffells  of  alter wine... he consumeth that dawn for breakfadt while the organist played a merry punk song... when he was meant to be praying ....   and blow me,  drunk so much he speweff mid fermon... onto the praying figure of the harlet on her knees in front of him at the alter... that tempted his predeceffor away from the cloth.. and into a jolly, early grave... .? .."

" Est... i can't stop luaghing long enough to translate.... into language 250 odd years hence, cos its the one best book i have ever read.... bybfar..

in my life.. Monty Pythons ametuer compared to this best seditious truth ever.....and a religious gathering  of real life raatger than fatter women gatheringbin feminine circles pretending theyre not bicciec n booze addicts... some latterdayvdaints ...and getting all Fakebooky for the next level of their pyramid high con......  ... there's pages of it... its just... this is heaven, the real sad we can only read this one meseum cabinet open page... clearly all a true chronicle.... of The Vissisitudes of The Clergy... . "

thoughbubble one hoped " dad...  you lying bastard.... turning off radio 1 cos of  your lying ' compulsory St Davids religious radio'  scam act... ...   even i can tell this is the funniest book ever rit.. they can't Be that bad or the act of letting us see  it ....  wouldnt make sense." 

" dad.. what foes viciffitudef mean" 

" ehhh..may Be .... no one can Be perfect.... especially if they get paid to Be ... Be"

[ tx to  Serbocroat  olde english =  Ferbocroat]


do not click to enlarge as othercsbaps can Be

deliberate,  small full stop,   why cant i photo 'man'ipulate it to really small... i think i know why;

 but i told the vix pl my truth.. " i gave up all my 'causes' as a promise to her...."