Monday 19 February 2024

The Power of Now ..

(first so so so so hurried every second counts drafty mess... of a skeleton, about REAL LIFE...i found them at last)  

..I have some REAl "allies"

At the Thelm'an'Lou atch* lastereve

oops lastersunset


Especially as there are two

Must now be renamed the Atch o'Sid... (the most perfect place to have had the 'lived experience' of a rather perfect Siddartha..) 

The causal or even concenratti reader of this in the terrible format: the mere word, would not take in the (for her only) energy...

To get to this atch, in fact this one is a double atch

* = i have had to tolerate every fat bluehaired fatterrattio from Wolverhampton Polly craperatti chattin about the 'poor oppressed Roma' or  whatever the current in word is for gyppos like me..

So they can get grants.. the write atrociously dull oetry

or postin' potty Lewis Carol knobisms...  

About people whp decades ago moved into huge static homes andf largely

Get large

And thus even usingt the term atchin tan is a celebration of a truly idiot nation

I know ... i know people are pretty much the same all over the world, and only culture or in fact  lifestyle-mindset-wayof life... odifies

As in fact Ms " slow walking" fat botteratti simply proves...

But they can never say that or they would be out of a job

... back to energy

To Be this atch.. a  moon of an atch orbitting the great wilderness atch

In fact the lower seaside (no they never use THAT word, for being aside it as thats a lower class word Dear Not First Language .... i dreamed of her last night .. with a really really ark bron huie - a suntan...was that a fantasy? i know nothing except so many of them have said to me '"yes i too love the sunshine" and you see 5them midsummer theyre as white as a sheet that's been used as a shroud for a corpse in her cave for a century)


The energy....

This is real energy

To get here - moon atch of seaside wilderness atch

which is a saudade atchtoo

As it has no signal... this one 1 km (i shall always use her mother tongue for walking distance, too)

up... has a one useless bar long as you are here before the yellow jackets of the town above are all up seemingly all going to work in a  flourescent tangoist .. riverdance exhibition

cos theyb dont save any ferkin rivers they just slack off and watch their phones in the cab of their ...

Forget them

Systsem: with the bonnet up... more cooling as long as facing into the wind..

THEY are worth spending a few quid on swapping the batteries...

And a rare, laptop use ... necessary as the one bar is only possible if mobile hotspot tethered the modem  jammed at furthest extremit into windscreen..

laptop on lap

dodgy keys but...

I think the test is, was...

" i wonder if they will chose to speak...a second time.. lets see.."

 driveby, we waved so passionate 'goodbye ' just ten minutes afore...ti knew they would but the window came down and Bob stuck his nose out

"ehhh up... you ok"

" i forgot to mention... best system... swap batteries every 10 min... as now...keeps both going  use one for internal inverter... ehhh BOB!! ... gizza kiss goodbye....and i wouldnt have even given you a pat if i had seen you were in a 50 quid harness as thats automatic Waitrose Bag owner  indication.."

" we call him ...Bob the bastard...!!!... and were going to use your 'Waitrose Bag'  whenever we see one... well i mean when we see them all day now...even over here.."


To just get to spending some money on them.

At the renamed atch'o'Sid...

" ...  well you may well not mind being insulted about your hairytage blood line... but sorry lass, i would even insult the farmers of Horrorfordshire... 'mate i was shepherding at 500m  atop the Cywidian hills.. this is ferkin gardenin'...  but your dad's yourself a you-can-sayu-anything-to-me-real-woman-farmers-daughter . well you  were brought you up in a bloody pollytunnel  this aint farmin'...i mean the 'Grunt' here as she said walrussing around Praa sands topless all day....hahh hahh...imposters... but not when it comes to true vannish allies..."

There were two

 Thelaq'nlou atches..

spoiler alert, times two... T+L stick it into first gear and peddle to the metal. The second, why does Alyson show off by including - as if almost mandatory, the word 'ketamine' in one poem... as if trying to stay on trend..

Never mind that June night.... on Avenue 6 Juin the lovely working class woman good salt of the earthy we spoke... she needed to speak

of her boy she was waiting for to come out of some...i mean what a Pastyvan load of moronic horniness... sex in Pastylandshire is via oom pahh pahh..

Perfect parable of a place where no one had anything to say

(the Blusher  dialogues... saterlast ... i need to return to, as Sabine is going to Be knocked off her perch..if i can... " have you seen Bait..? well ... there are only two, born here,  actual intelectualls left in this torpid land even if his brain went fat from never DOING anything.. the fatman mong ... he had lived here a decade and hetoo said...Bait2019 .. just all wrong... prostitution upon a non existent    place and misery of poor wee locals who...chose to sell their souls to London decades ago... and in fact rather like the fat new motors they ... i know its complex but BAit really didnt get any of the ACTUAL "human" ..indeed was tailor made for The Guardian and any sane person stopped taking that a decade back.." )

But to keep to THE END interview


" ... you like my Waitrose Bag thing....yes...  they ruined her...polluted even her... no, fine Serbian warriors are not wonky how dare you...yoiu bloody say that to my face outside your big fat one.....

" we are all the same and leave them in THEIR High Mountain culture i am quite sure they have great suntans and laugh ......infact would ressusitate Slobo from his early grave in The HAgue... and start an actual St Just war... he would  more than laugh, if i had told her of my folorn extremely expensive flight of the Croat .. going all the way to Zagreb before they had hotels except for one breezeblock official commie one... and  a snarl ' you want something other than mince out of a can on toast for breakfast.. wrong country mate'...  but understand... mafia mates, mafia culture... of course her wink at me in the Kensington nightclub back in the day was a sort of cry for humanity...  maybe they ate her along with the babies as i never forgot her though and many a time facebooked Iva Matievic... .. funny thing is i was getting relationship advice from a namesake a year ago ..randomly found on a fakebook search ..who i told BOTH stories to.... living in  Zagreb ..maybe she was just prejudiced against poor Serbs, too... she was most unhelpful as i was  attempting to find some local quay advice ... ' do bloody Yugoslaqv woman change their mind EVER..? in YUK its impossible but you are sane and didnt escape to here... help me out ... [ interesting how even SHE had been infected by the Fakebook bullshit of ' narcissism' and 'attachment style'... and  all those silly words...not surprising she was very single, too]....

Now... to get my laptop open and powered...has taken so much aqctual real energy

and dancin

since way before dawn...

But theres a reason..or ten

And i must Be...coherent now. I have finished...

SO i can start

Several years frankly it is astounding how NO librarians have heard of

George Borow

read Silas

the bravest book ever

or Mars Room

that proves male writers are prejudiced against as no man would have been alowed to be naughty Rachel and weave in the mass murderer Uni Bomboy 

... reprint half his 'MAN' ifesto.. the so beautiful chunks she uses as chapter intros..

And together all alchemised by REAL brave once-Serbo style a beautiful alchemy osf fuck off i will write what i want... my way

as i trust myself..

is the most genius poetry ever the whole book