Friday 23 February 2024


 That is too freaky,

She.... the new, old inspiration, is a Serb.... One of the most 'important' artists in the world.

Note to self:

ALL activity ceased with her, yesters

" ... blah blah Cathedral Cheese..."

Categorically, no new discussions, opinions, "insights" - there are no conversations to have everyone in this whole land allergic to real conversation, such as 

" I am quite sure the mass of total 'STUFF' that say a 40 year old went through in the whole of a decade such as the 80s,  is these days 4 or 5 times that amount  - but that is ALL 'stuff' incorporating things such as new paint jobs to home and vehicle, molecules of stuff used to wash vehicles  - about 2 or 3x more than anyone ever bothered in the, very fancy kitchenware, clothing / footwear, dogs (count), nags  (and their phenomenally expensive loads of kit), MASS of fuel - efficiency may have improved BUT the amount of miles people did expanded proportionately - hence more or less same or more per person,  mass...... " 


Because he agreed with me - he will make the decision. 

Not me!!....especially as if it worked it would make a world famous Serb rather...unpopular.


But i have a job to do, i know full well there is some quite good stuff in this whole splatteration - all substack audios must be put in mp3 downloadable format too

Various poems from last July still to do.

In my head. My head retains what  matters. 

Otherwise i don't exist.