Tuesday 6 February 2024

what we do NOT hear is really so much more

 well it is often all you need to know

" mummy... why do little girls like me.... keep getting blown to pieces in  the hot countries.."

" I do NOT know...sweety.. its all so... sad .. lets not look any more"   

After all it cannot Be... that the so ubiquitous tankdrivers, often solo,  nice atomised  Toyota Hilux drivers carrying so  many sweet women off to hotyoga  up the road ...

...from Gwerk or Seworgan or ... Mawgan... are not possibly linked...  at  lots of fuel per km  not ever talked of.. and nevet are conceivably in any way part of some worldwide community

( when people like me living 7 years up an incredibly steep track, rising to 1400 feet up to Craswall,,  20 km from a small town where i had to school run to daily, and never had even a powerful two wheel drive.... a 1.1litre old  Peugeot  206 did just fine... i never e en owned an 4wd xespjte 20 years in rugged hilly terraine  far from where the sometimes needed snowploughs may come, in places where winters are wintry... ) 

it cannot Be, thats  also at the root of... her ... fuel bill ...  staying MANageable...