Tuesday 12 March 2024

' art' ... i only interested in performance, that isn't art, but real, even if ...

 Now, i had no idea- my silly odd essay never ending

 there is   one thing  even better than the rarest of things: a Nonny - that is a notmerman/maid ( several months of rude essays on em millions more to do as absurdist art... they are!)

Indeed  only 1 or 2 per 10,000 may just Be a Nonny

But, even if art ( as waffled upon 3 or 4 weeks ago, is not enhanced, by ...seaside, sea, - eg Alysons wonderful poetry collection-  razor sharp, stabbing into the  blood spurting arteries of life....on the land; as soon as she compulsory performs by the sea having bean prof of Foulmouth psycho uni, it becomes staged and weary.... nothing alive to say

no stopping me dead,  for the best of reasons...

the sea, goes with the IRA gunrunning across it, and now i hear, loads of coke coming in all alpng the cosst especially Gwerk..

.. it is merely a vehicle, for the in "human" 

..been and done with genius by Turner, WM... thats enough thanks;  the earth however even towns, cities,  bedroom, cafe, marketplace...   real crazy art happens there... )

art is made wet by the seaside..

but i know they have to live.. yeah yeahhh yeahjh

But an actual, Nonnymademermaid

Is an impossibility. Unknown previously to science,  in this universe or  the better one next door.

Until,  in my new ' home' ( cheapest free car park for miles) 

truth, reality, with loadsa real smiles

The rarest artefact in the whole of " human" history, 


And.... she, the Non ( the greatest compliment one can ever behoved of), even gives sanctuary, 

to one of me

 upon her organic little acre

Monseur Reynard... !!! 

DEFINE a Nonny

 " the pesticides used on farms nearby,  i watch  crying.. and angry for yhe gollowing few weeks, my Bees DYING in my garden..." 

Define Nonny: 

"my sweet cousin Rupert with his yurt farm in Hay-on-Wye saved  all  the Bees years ago when he went on radio 4 to talk about his new Fakebook ...campaign,  he dtarted when he had finished his stint at the Priory and topk sanctuary in Gwerk....you, mister, . and her, horrid woman! she probably killed her Bees  herself..!!.  ... you just manifest bad vibes ... only my vibes will protect the Bees.. you negative man"

 nettles best mass of  insect  grub per plant - FOR YOUR BIRDS.. 

video waffle last july,  or aug, here.. on that.

Meanwhile so much to do


though main project, and then all the Mermaids once again just Magpies munching my time again..  ( for years, no more.... even Nonnies wont go out for coffee,   and a lovely one confirms i dont smell)

one day

as its for the  lasses ( ours)

Add to leftovers2022 lots of   seditous film - the simpler US  made, plenty more European, too

to do

Thec start 

Lilian Gish, The Wind

Chaplin: City Lights, Modern Times, The Kid

The Southerner

One flew over the pesticife killed cuckoos nest 

And then....  the real start, seperating the boys from the men. ..and  mass murdering girls, equality

And so many more will get to leftovers2022.. 

one day.... soon

links  to leftovers and other stuff here:


The ONLY art that for many years has stopped me, dead, in my tracks and my gob....walking past a photo of  this  instagram photo printed out larger size .. in Ludlow Theatre lobby

i ...stopped... for hours.. a real genius


i have some almost as  poignant if i can ever stop my performative artful odyssey...

which now i can