Saturday 30 March 2024


 of course add to the innability to ' take part' of the menchilds

for years " big farmer / the beast / the illuminati ... own your digital scrotum" ... they show off and waste my time with 

any real man, audio 2 ish mths ago knew that in 2006

authenticity i believe the title of the best psychology audio you can find... and quite for free

 ...  " special branch follow you all..." 

i.e. your truth will ALWAYS come out eventually maybe...  so make sure every word of can live with, 100%.  ...

so we have the endless menchild " use a vpn"... showoff smug bullshit...

ALL is always eventually traceable ... winscribe probably already have a mole inside them

as Sowden describes, still, so bravely.... all rules are ignored tgey get what they want...leriod

Even if i learned a new skill the last 6 months...  

no one else was worth the trouble

Winscribe has become most reliable it the user end that is

but i only used it as a work of...?? 'art'.. performance tango

duetting with the princess's sad performance

i find .." human" .... 

and funny... 

even if they all bay false ' hurt'  for some kind of false advantage  ... they dobt even know why.... theyre just bored as they never DO abything brave any of them ever.... i bet shetoo does . 

but i had to laugh, having used up  dozens of ' locations'

last one left today ... was..

it made me smile...

There is no resurrection in this lost society that cannot even dream one  comedic  dream..has no hope... least i laughed in my great being-swordsticked -by-her dream...

and i always will

( in fact curiously i forget dreams quite soon...its the ONLY one i still recall vividly.. as if last night ... from my whole life)

the end .... 

10 eerks of tarting up and back to poetryish waffle...i like

DOZENS ...100s...of photos to weave in...make it prerty soon...

thousands of interviews, audios too    

one day