Monday 18 March 2024


 ... i know what a REAL ' friend' is...

I don't think i have ever had such a perfect gentle discovery of a real  fierce  mind, behind so  demure and quiet,  a bespectacled face

Or at least how  best to define. One...


Its Just not allowed to even think Ms Moyes is in the wrong job,  Be ing Auscwitz Kmmanders had more empathy towards real life, than her 

( ohh thats a point is that still there? 

well i never... so it is
even if symbolically i let liesdamage
at  christmas past
as i know i speak a different language...
even to her...
so somehow pondering what can Be 
after ... a society 
absolutely everyone does
so i guess they all cancel each other out...
and ' damage' ditto
a socjety absolutely everyone
But me
considers themselves 

.... net zero
2 words  that are everywhere and everything to everyone...  just are
the real sardonicness 
( the walking " bird" speaks, too)
would Be if the actual formula for
" humanity" 
is  "alchemise"
only lies
and only damage
in a witchy cauldron and what do you get

all these lovely burning bright eyes
... of every Merm  
at every twist and turn  
Be ing ' maker' 
of their own final creation

Ove's hangman noose
He found a way
 of surviving them!

When she  the ' friend' meets him.... i know that 
will regret Be ing  
all these years  unused the way nature really did...intend

But i run ahead of myself...

i have at last ten audios,   and other bits 'n Bobs from the last few weeks


qualify, prove, and add to... a splendidly enjoyable ongoing... odyssey quest or just bad  epic poem  ( so never intended i can't Be bothered to go back and exit rhymin' bits...  and link-map back into more important bits ....yet)

But first tis time to truly go to ground

And ' economise' ... i like my way of life... and need it to continue

And the old man's  song proving oldies  ... can Be better than their former selves... for real..... and have brst everest


even when about only a decade  younger 

than menow