Sunday 10 March 2024



My " homeland"

... except a truly 'terrible' .. thing has occurred.

as the showoff jogger

Baywatch headband,  good barbloke lope

 affronts my  mind ... even early morning here

in real language, cultured



' terrible' is the ok part of the sublime:  seductive for reasons, true to...  something lofty, worth even having a bad dream...

at her swordstick stabbing the lump in my throat

made me only laugh.. awaking in  true laughter

Even more,  than seeing her muddy moat.

And holey boat.

... ' terrible', meaning a beautiful as her

I could.... strap my small car batteries, upon my back....  easily

And, now i have a silent socket, completely free...

Be here... 

As long as i can find inland, nothing there

But Bees and things... 

( pinchin from the master, Roy Ayres)

and  flowers..

and empty..ish.... hills 

antidote to all these  performaive ills


like her face yestermorn.

Null to me is more than mere manmade

 up beauty

Is the sublime, if there' such a