Wednesday 6 March 2024

givebirth day

 ... nine months, my oh my....

And even if now i know no point birthing any wiser words here....

In this whole country.

( the proof, Just this weekend gone, three fine random Europeans joshed with at some length, in my last chronicles -  the actually super wonderful truthtalking  Yugoslavian mum married to a Pastie [ " why"?]... [" is what she-  my birthedmuvvaland compatriot,  she sounds wonderful, said  ..the case?... that the children here are so truly sick from badparentingitis, i agree... i will heed your advice and really think twice...yes i see it is terminal... 'change' back will take decades... but i am interested as to why?"]. ), Kraut and Iti.... three among 20 or so in  nine months... they ALL ... except one i guess, are 'aware' ... 

it really really is NOT

like this

their side of that sea

borderline that will  seperate

you from me... 

later this year

 self harm, violence, mental fuckeration, eating disorder 

..  and the drugs.... 

and the high on drugs hallucinating they are F1 drivers at 150kmh  on the narrowish .. Porthleven rd

nothing like as bad

and wont


birthing day

walked on,  away day

no more

here is  never worth a eotd with anyone

even if the beddybiesbee lady made me smile

And she does ' get' it.

Its Just a 'class' thing, really...

But evolved into mermaid finrot

which is the finnish

of 'civilisation. 

Unless ...

But it takes two to even begin to write that tango,


And i only met one woman with the balls to Be honest

" you really did  fuguratively bbq your kids far more so than your little legpull us chomping on ours...." 

The worst partly true bbc prog ever...

1 it is much worse.

But 'simpler'  ... all is only angst. If you perform angst in front of a child from 9 months on....  that child Be comes your angst.. 

or allow a child Eastenders, angsty computer games ( not that i know i knew never to play one in my life as i am an adult),  or phone stuff, or   to be at supermarkets, angsty security guards all around...... you raise a child in angst... and it dont go away....

plus a truly illiterate " they won thanks to the court" ehhh.. 3x more are being stolen by the state [ dorsnt happen im EU!] than in 2014,  when Cameron sincerely said ( as they did love their disabled kid) "  we force adopt twice as many kids as we should,  we must STOP"  so thats 6x more than we should....  all sweet little Lucy Letbies in the oven...

 ut... forget the extreme end....The latent angst  swirls far far further than these extreme cases

Is everywhere....


the land you refugeed to.... but i run ahead if myself

Sunday and monday and yesterall day 

material  is far far more... what happened

Maria" ended up in A and E after being assaulted by her 11-year-old child. There’s nothing unusual about children being rude or sometimes abusive to their parents, particularly when they’re adolescents. But some parents are attacked and abused by their children on a regular basis. It’s a pattern of behaviour that can begin as young as three years old and become unmanageable by teenage years.

but there is angst... i eas lucky, my stand in Yeoman dad had none....

All mine life refugee, a real one from angst i saw  in the rest,  except old Ralph, but also... 

confected self pity

( " vulnerability")

for effect

thats Just as lethal. . Mermomum  even if pastiche of later evolutions... 

one of the progenitors of that disastrous anti - evolution