Friday 29 March 2024

 .... how wonderful.

Though the encaged ( I know it is a horrible grown up word, for a tragically infantalised people with mass princessitis... and that is not a joke - living ten years ago for a few years in an outhouse at Rachman

 Towers - Eywood 300 yrs old, 100 years so beautifully  entirely  neglected 'estate'- among... well not 'among' as most were so atomised it's daft, the ' bottom /3' as the Rachman landlords unusually took housing benefit  so many of their 9 tennants in that hamlet  were of that class... amazing how many seemingly tough salt of the earth, in a veru isolated spot 6 km from any shop, actually had princessitis...a few openly admitting so.... ... bourgeois....)

the encaged bourgeois..... BODILY brainwashed.... meaning all body language, even dirty looks [ the oggling... the gawping]... ... absolutely every social more, expectation, around other " humans" ...even menchilds of the  is based around someones appearance.... new not worn out clothes, some kind of special vehicle etc...and performing some ' hobby' or activity which includes equipment....... of course give a dog a bone, and he will want the fanciest.... .even if i am genius at not looking ever shabby, living on nearly nothing, 20 years....   

lottetitis is not  a people ONLY able to feel even a bit ' complete' via material consumerism.... lotteritis is an extra even sadder dimension ( that causes atomisation, and into midfle age becomes even sadder as it is a self justifying doom loop... causing those of lotteritis places ( South of France, too as example.... )  to have lined ,  sad,  old-before-thrir-time, faces..  no joy. As the ' joy' witjin them is ' may Be day a shed load of iligarch cash moves into the houseboat next door..somehow some will be diverted my way..... and my life will superchange...just like that... ' 

But of course they dont know they ' suffer' that far less " human" way of Be ing....  until long away from regions it IS the mindset...of everyone....  within a region.

Anyway.... wow...!!! meandering to superrich harbourplace ( the chavvy,  extreme status obsessed its laughable, version...many photichronicles last autumn, as yet to publish.... even the ' nicer' traders here...i know 3 or my they hate the truth being' it smells like a toilet' as the sewerage infow seeping into the harbour,  is from the toilets.....) .. 

holiday Friday...

its almost a ghost town...

this is big.... for you, me i am immune   

You have the Mother of All [ exonomic] Depressions... just around the bend, in the river

perfect timing for me, only as she asked... and she the only one in any way aside all this... entirely bourgeois cage... or maybe i am wrong.  

but i am right about one timing. ...Perfect kairos, for good material on


as this weekend my plot to start to attempt funding....

...i never look,or even look at comments...not due obtuseness merely as trying to get ANY ally in Uk or especially Lotteritis lands ...takes up so much time its daft...i give up

even if the 2 yr ago

first main wished for ally 

( "you the PERFECT subject, film.on woman gives up the hamster wheel anyway you gorgeously honest: Kington prejudice nasty evil cunts hounded you .. innocent shop runner out if town... for having medical sceptic views...nope they get youout..... despite Audi sportscar.... and obviously that lad so uniquely lively and people orientated well raused... so lets capture your van transition " 

 van woman and her then


year old so beautiful minded lad. ... my heart breaks for her a bit

she transited... to full Euro Van babe..

we chatted lastereve ...

but must come back to Be ing full UK vanbabe    

due the ... drumroll.....cancer treatment ....

But i hope she listens... to the best wildflowers in Europe advisory route..

if i were bucketlisting... well a return, rhat one placeEast Portugal wilderness... has Be en 

on mine for 20 years

but i cannot seem to get any real illness like all the rest...

manmade Rachmanitis ...  3 yrs done in i dont think counts ..