Tuesday 12 March 2024

I don't need...

 anything except

I simply had NO idea...


I saw, their world..... 

Why indeed

They're so fat, and ... 


Sat like the dead brained


 queen they'll build fat bum benches, to....

Atop the teatime table

 i had no iea... simply no idea.... 

24 years no tv, 

20 years meandering, afternoon walking....

30 years living aside -  ideally well outside, any hamlet or fake " community"

 Never  before wandering through some small status-town, afterdusk, on the way back from lateafters, walk.. I always manage to end a walk only meandeting  somewhere fairly " human" free 


But this curious little place,

no free parking, any walkside space

Free park in town

Their fatfolk " community" centre

All is well

Tourists  keeping back, in front of her bloody endless rains

thoughtbub: " categorically, there was NOTHING  here but ... 'I'm alright jack'... 

well I am even more..

a winter of mainly  7 degrees or 

Hardly a day hunkered down

Under Athaeney's woolen rug from that horrid little   lastertown

( later. . i saw her lastermay....

shuffling, pained, almost bent down

 and knew this game of life, my way, the best play)

No winter, or just enough, to stop and ponder how this nothing, is nearly enough

But even better

( praise Be upon you Little Miss ... 

Fake... on the  inauthentic, take.... )

Marches gone by -  15 in fact, stuck: on endless hurt little" bird' standby; March - the body feels, lives, is, more than January or December, the winter ... it's collected in every cell, and wants to remind, how miserable can Be this human kind ..  

Five  or ten pathetic degrees

below that here-ambient.

May as well wait 'til may

or at least lent.

No heat, head 


.. doesnt work. 

Not this winter, though

I won!

 the endless rigmarole

of modern woman, nonlife, no parole

As she cannot ever know what she wants.

Being,  she thinks, rather than learns how to 




 never had a more useful new thought

productive winter time

and now kairos time

Turn it into...  escape plan rhyme, or at least

( a rather good fiction came to me predawn)

A  more graceful wordy 


But back to the point.

Meandering afterdusk through a small rich town.

I simply had no idea - i am no luddite, or only yokel hermitude  hiding,

flight in fright

Miami transfer winter '18

London just a few times  in a decade .. holding the hands of High Court  peversion, victims of  child theft, in the namr of their Queen

 ... but my natural habitat, yes all you ever see here  fancy showoff prrformative bags from Habitat

even in Lidl...

 As 99% of ... all the time i only walk in wilder spots

Transit back to cave, in the daytime

 have never seen

walking through their  nighttown  streets

The huge flat

... errata, they even have them 2 grand curved ....  

two metre tv screen!

And it is as if they NEED to

Be seen, most curtains  left undrawn

"Look at me, 

big fat  tv"


on the screen other

 " humans" almost  big and fat as them...

Now i understand, what i see... Lidl, Morrisons  

cafe .... 

large fat cars parked looking over the sea

All is boxed, sanitary

My  two metre tv

 sized life, 

fuck off i see you, you seem free

of me.

Right dump this shit poet act, and get back to pointed poignant


her fabulous short pages,  are no act... i learned from them...

In fact that was all along my mode, 

stop a while,  here...  no more open road.