Thursday 21 March 2024

If This is a Woman

 A poetical riff upon Primo Levi's purest ever " human" book

If This Is A Man

Andrea the opposite... of badness

interview with the greatest real woman ever

plus amazing hairdo tips for the greying babes...

my real interview style over 10 years. the last!:

and here same audio only file

on youtube for ease

she is worth the 3 hours its taken to.... 

( Be cont)

i wish i had TIME to make sure the film was of her and not my bloody pillar

but then so many fake women for 4 years...  dont help

dont dare make real film... 

no helpmeet

just self obsessed... i gave up

met her 20 years, too late ... 

100s of similar life affirming interviews im 10 years..

plus,ok, 100s that prove whp the eco badies were.... not the farmers or business, oy ever the Merms....

new audio soon about that

only one 

her from 11 years ago

has it thus far...

as, sadly, its about her.. 

' people' i guess..

as a book reader, then

Starbucks  Horrorford, 2012..... into 13 ..

i never went to more than once a year, until..

....  i hope she doesnt mind the truth...