Monday 4 March 2024


 what a palaver

This may indeedtaketwo


The only actual woman there on satereve

i can see how they


even ..'them' 

Having the entree

"well my bruvva inlaw, wouldnt bother seeing him rest of life after his showoff at his father inlaws final remembrance of things well past... is a thieving Sardinian...

"...  look..i used to work here....  my favoured lost 40 something MFA in last year training..born actual Heidi up high Iti Tyrol...goat herdin around at 4000m.... .tells the truth ...' ehh they just copied their art from the Greeks i wouldnt bother'....  but you.... the only smoker here.... you do know your Paulo is the ONE great mind of Europe ...and she...she told me she loved him too.... "

Her look... at the former unknowable

But at the latter its as if they have brainwashed...Mermonicked..her very soul...

and she doesnt understand the greatest compliment ANYone could have  I mean dressed out of a ferkin Merchant Ivory for a night or worst folk musac ever at the pointy  toe end of a boot they shouldv cut off and thrown away in the slagheap centuries ago...

But ... to have managed to eviscerate even the 30 somethings.... who smoke

that really is post  modern return to ... pre Rapaelite tragedy greater than all the Jeps winks put together


To...nope my text lastereve was premature..

I shall not get to it until tomorrow morn

Theres so much to weave and  a big section i trusted to my memory to autocomplete nearer the moment

 And talk about circumstances, to have this noise today is ...If she - the bekliked.... 

.... were here she would give me a knowing look of solidarity in


look, even  more eyefull than old one eye, they say the most beautiful babe ever extant...

actually it was a bit more like

oops... that is actually GREAT art.... found  that glorious December 2022

real art ,i keep telling these Effeterites of the smelly boot about.... 

yep.... this babe as if she had lost a bit of weight and   knew its far sexier to leave on her rather starchy work attire...