Saturday 23 March 2024

My Wonky* Bonce (if you can find a better 5hrs on depression /mental issues,you can claim my van)

new part 2 audio added

One day i shall turn this into a proppa book.....

But the whole thing is in the two audios,  however names, bio etc wont make much sense without  some reading of /  listening to,  the stories of the last 9 months here

This has  a DELIBERATE  almost ' absurdist'  approach, because as decades long scholar of real family dynamics,  and psychology, i KNOW that the overly serious, officious,  and self agrandising ' professional'  approach by even top ' professionals' is categorically part of the problem in true understanding of the "  human" reasons  even more people than ever end up quite disabled my non- blueprint mind issues...

( einstein: "definition of fucking madness: keep doing same thing expect different outcome... " 

A FAR FAR better a way of referring to long distant  'mental health'issues than the 'bible' Jamison's Unquiet Mind

I am an intellectual. 

Reasons for eloping back to EU with me #1 of 100s

Britain is so effete and looking glass self obsessed it is not de riguer to say that word.  No one attempts to honourably embrace Be an 'intellectual'.  UK is now sicker than USA. I lived in/studied, both. That took some doing... the uk leaving behind a love of true honourable coracao (NOT 'exclusive or elite) learning.... is one aspect of why this is now so.  

* 30 years i have mergolated on:  is 'depression' the right word. Using sharp-edged sounding words causes illness and also shorter life expectancy. It is scientifically measurable (earlier references here). It is much better to use 'softer' words.... for depression/anxiety, etc..

THESE ARE 4+hrs total.

BUt are only 80% of many year theses i know are the best in the uk. The other 20% are within the material here up to now

E.G. on 'authenticity'.

there are 2 video waffle parts  top and tail, and then the main audio

.... now, apology, but not really... a rambling first 45 minutes into the meat of the matter...the grey matter. But setting the scene MATTERS....and above all, only a communicator on a topic you  kindpf know and learn to trust... fully... will really influence over the long run. You have 100s of hpurs of me here dharing deepest even embarassing stuff, always to share for utlitarian purposes... if you don't trust me having waded through my tacky swamp...  then stixk your head in the nearest one and Zurich yourself, as you'll never listen to,  and learn.... from anyone...

My Wonky Bonce


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My Wonky Bonce pt 2 of 2

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Neuromania a georgeous word

i refer to the introduction in his book ( at that time Tallis considered one of yhe two top minds in the world on neuroscience..)

i need to copy it and stick it here   as an example of just how political... and PERSONAL... all science is... he used the intro to gouge the eyes out of his opponent,  as the other world famous neuro man.... but its funny!!

Fleischman discusding pandemic of BPD...