Saturday 9 March 2024


 ... not here yet.

All that matters now:

The patterns of the day... weeks

I keep to what i say

To not ever again sit and stare

At a gatheration of

status clad 

sportif and doggie  showoff


people who all one and all can only be 

something they display, to define some special them.

consume,  new things, for show

( note to self .. even he, the magnificent  mong with his

 " 10 years eough now building oliarchs' shitpipes.. a county of only bigotry..." understated, not the bigotry - only ever a dull little back alley

one can always find a way around

but the everywhere.. " you may ' overwhelm' " she said

the consumerism..overwhelming and just so ugly never mind bad for bad poetry

Well the Ecchartists may as well be dead... 

Never mind " listen" 

no " come and sea.. a whole county

of most playpen  consumerism all their

 fragile little heads...


to continue

one day

All  i know is a great day is when you nanage your last

pre dawn wintry

 riverbath, now  a ' walk in the park' 

But run! 

Before saturday morning showoff time consuming endless new leotards .. nowadays 

you cannot even  run

without special little  runners

special backpacks

and hydration tubes so they wont collapse  unhydrated

 into a puddle

All i know what a dull 25 years

Ago i wandered up a street of Hay on Wye saying to a then less open self

" my my its  become so so ...precious here...  it wont last just fin de bigjob ciecle ultra decadence.. " 

And i was wrong 

At least i admit my fraudulent fake knowing smat alec,  stuff... 

This time though i know i am right... 

Roger the bee, " even the honey  nowadays with added microplastic.. " 


And no one seems to care.. 

or think of  never mind share

real cause

'cept me.. 

.... but Any Questions on seaside second homes

my ohh my the children now if politics...  and its always the younger non white  ones worst of the lot who simply cannot understand

theyre a mental bloodclot

 house prices in ' desirable' places are inflated

by ...   worldwide saudi womanhaters,  oligarch,  genicidist, spiv, drugdealer.. armsbroker. .

for decades

migrating here... to hide away their little  eggy nest..

where no one will even test..who they nsy have


me i am off to the poshest birdy place... 

 cant beat them... at least  pretend you ...celebrate

 their dull little  arms race ...