Friday 22 March 2024

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 On ' mental health'.

I have a range of waffle in audios from July last year, and then in video clips from July last year,  stories to augment wish all  got over it all as i find it so boring almost everyonr i ever meet has' depression' anxiety.... i wish them swift recovery so we can joust fully!! or get essential environmental  PR work.... done.

.... including descriptions of the worst  imaginable loss of even personal, many year cherished,  'identity'. And living on always finding a real silver lining.... and useful personal evolution... from being world record  zelf obsessed, fairly atomised  creep in 20s  to, i know full well, pretty damn balanced as of 30 years ago.

Most of my friends 10 years are intelligent, cultured,  mixed race people...No one is interested in' identity' at that level is mainly confected, as Jewish man David Mamet wonderfully riffed upon in his Unherd video ( link a few months ago)

(this is in  audios mainly,  in the  Substack  audiod- no payment or sign up required..)

I have even been ' tested' for total sanity by hostile actors.  ( and no symptoms,  ever,  of mental issues... those we have prior to age 25 ish dont really count).

I know about bulletproof mental health.

I care to share coherently my strategies, for the sake of the next generation. I have underwing mentored a fair few in the last 15   years,  and i know many fall to bits, and their ( widely promulgated)  solutions Tha data categorically has said so for decades.

My approach and silutions is in fact often in recorded chats with others of my spirit and straight talking breadth of knowledge.....

a kind of roaming Socratic dialog  / dialectic.

I will be putting some here, soon. ALL thouggtful middle class mothers - my main acquaintance group, all know there is apocolypse of depression, self harm etc and it will NOT  get fixed 

There is not only not the money for individual assistance, but also  the straregies of so called' caring' professions are warped, and mainly wrong.

And the bullshit sales departments of ' healers' and ... look in the back of any Natural Store catalogue or on their niticeboard, wall... i have known many many ' practitioners' of  therapeutic wellness or whatever weasel words are in vogue. As people, at a personal level every one of them  demonstrates the whole paradigma scam,  as  none wven know what basic manners are, never mind act in any kind of genuine selfless balanced way in the  " community" they all preach... they are beloved, of.

And none can ever have debate as to their methods or philosophy - if we must use labels, that being  a definition of a 'personality disorder'.