Wednesday 6 March 2024

the choreography!

( but this is not what i texted about, that is saturday and sunday to there was a sequence i didnt yet 

kmow of...cos the end hadnt happened yet... some  may call ' manifested' i call it a whole life of being a real refugee.. alows one to think... objectively)

5 march

lots of marching planned, no talking planned

but flip ..

the dance

to get this far

choreographed so perfectly its daft...

i am NEVER going back to their libraries.... run only by self harming children unable to understand:  thinking, reading....quietly...... why they have a gob to mouth off with all day in the first place and arent serf in Henry the 8ths fucking toilet block still..........she the blush day i will have her words too.... so peacefully poised, graceful  and... 

in a whisper

of agreement.

( trump, # 2... twice in Hammy Odeon when no o e else had heard of her.. but the lesson, even a 'self

 aware'  Serb may listen  to her interviews, her aged 60 ... and see just how truly pained she still was...and then died very very young.... cos she never turned dad issues she had suffered all her life,  around to a powerful force for real good...and my my she got lined and bitter

and she read a lot of Eckhart i know full well....

.. no more, after monday gone... the last and worst day of loud moaning about illness..loudly...all over... all throught even a karge building with a ' quiet room'  ...never



so... to upload audios from 3 different devices in use the last week...

nurse 2 old car batteries,   may Be i can get a bit here and there... 

remember dm650 requires the blue adaptor hidden under seat and if  raising seat to re-stow best car battery so do  the two tasks at same time! every second of battery to get this far counts... every calorie of my energy too...and tje next 6000  seconds even more critical every movement to Be

choreographed perfectly

and i dont exagerate..

to get the rest vaguely in order

but when two days running i have a fabulous siesta... that means

i dont give an f about anything ..and  proves my ' work' on me...worked... 3 decades ago

and am in best of nick

so do the work,now its time to really go for good


voice 36 in the morning

refugeeism what they wont say

and explosion half an hour ? in...

i havent the spare energy to listen to.... i hope its there

as in fact caused the rest if the day

no way do i stay around workmen if this region. all they can manchild do isstand and stare...

main giz on regugee me etc


this is just bonus content

all was  finished sunday morn at Thelm n' lou#2a sublime 4 hrs weaving and writing

just for here

and that is what is for,  to Be..

a real present in the moment present

and now desk cleared to get back i to as a few things i have to pull out if my sunday dawn head


there i hope

even if we get to the actual real nub of THE problem.... ohh how i love that nasty Sundayafternoon... Merm ..

how she helped.

 the best muses are the ones who intend Be ing the exact opposite

wrong way round edit later

one possibly missing
these are just my notepad jottings
far too much happened in 9 months being pregnant to get pen and paper out...  
most of the time

5mar lunchtime interview the escapee builder vanbabe

we have been friendly some months ...

s71 1330 ish

5 mar dm650199


includes chat with woman watching dolphins,  about fucked sea.. she seems to agree

and.... huricane Katrina

but the German lives in here

especially as there i was, audio on,  just muttering to self... ..unplanned  and

( copying no one)

i wander having philosophical dialogues to one day make into a works... 

they are the conversations i would like to have...

the other 'side' argues with me... i had to edit out..

or it sounds a bit silly until it is all done properly . and in one while day may Be...

:-) !!!

i learned a new skill today, kairos time even if gotta get the muffled sound better. 

chopping off first 4 minutes ( note to self xxx)

but i  think that was good...

" parent your  inner child ...hurt [ 'traumatised']..  i did so decades ago but all i know Gabor..Eckhart...need to Be stopped

as they fail

( mermism that manifestation)

( excepting a fine walker you can say "Nazis" to in the 3rd  para...and walkers know: on the hill there is only the... NOW.... the real one,  we are on the hill alone together of course we only mean well... and supply alliance, real variety)

errata 110% should be 110 times

income bottom/ top... nowhere like that in Germany

but there is another to add here from sunday morning or was it saturdaft or even fridaft...

the not so pleasant assessment of the walkers...

( xxx to do)

she so perfectly proved

few are her. And you can tell why, a km away...


the two supposed great minds of the time

but,  children really... 

( free subscription if asked for on his site gets the full text...)

oops forgot

library fun

or ( ???) i have a few old poignant ones may not be these...

but the zen of kairos struggling to ... get energy ...

.. one day i shall put i to a bad poem