Sunday 31 March 2024

The 'zen' ...

 If a Serb pops her noze in here...

That SU, as always, is only for you, the timespan

 of a lifetime, 

when one... maybe... realises playing at predictable dull little coquette 

is so boring.... 

and has a limited lifespan

the  words, the actual real power of simple words, if a true poetical soul such as you  is behind them... 

may find fulfillment in them for real one day

coquetting one hopes wobt last

its for children

and in old women causes great unhappiness

so thw words (have been so warped by awful fake 

" i got a degree in some words so i am the goddess of them"

cultural commentariat such as Barton

who i am quite sure has not LIVED as you ...have

real life

unashamedly ... confused)

anyway i forget everyone i have ever met in a life of Bartionised 


but ... i riffed at hundreds of page lengths over the years on that AWFUL little word, zen.... i wish there was a better

i tried to invent one ( maybe in or maybe earlier i think)

ALL British  sucking up to eastern words is fake

they were stolen by 

drug fuelled


public school boys...

it can be traced back 200 years...

they stole nothing in fact, merely invented padtiche words in their nobrain state. .

even last week i saw in a  shop window,  of these absurd kiddult  coastal towns, prominently... a shit standard cheap oak coffee table  prominently advertised as

 'Chinese Opium Table' at £275

sold a few days later

likely to some Gweek creep who will hold out until he has one of the awful fake hippy tarts ( i have an as yet unpublished poem about a couple i would see... hippy chic...but my my they notice the 75 grand porsches...i would notice their stare.) .. get a few beers in em ....via said table.... then spring " hey its an original opium table dont you know.. " 

 i call that coercion.. to further get the juices looser ... based on fakery)

i neglected to chronicle, 

unusual for me...

fucked up english private boarding school boys went for cheap drugs in the East ... and then justified their junk time by importing fake versions of ' eastern' mumbo jumbo... 

i am quite sure 150 year old Serbs had far better real tjings to do than pretend to be enlightened as they had to run away from not having a mummy, rather a nanny... and were ensnared by every fake ' Eastern' opium vendor who knew a fop haired twat when he saw them coming...from a km away... 

Zen and The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance is a dull apalling non book with no ' zen' in it just fat old blokes and machines  they fret when theyre not able to make loadsa child noise zooming across suburbs of america cos they dont have the right spanner to fix breakages they were not organised

i.e. children

never use that word,  zen,  you like...  

its cheap and rubbish

and actual 'zen' in complex

and must be earned

the 'zen  of a berlingo' is 7 years sometimes fretting, for real, as earlier today

" fuck.... never seen that before...the water warning light staying on during engine running to charge at last it really is gonna fuck my plans...and cause enforced  actual change...oh well i hate driving anyway.. bicycle and foot time... enforced."

the 7 years EARNED ..' zen':  

every few months a new warning light screams out... i had 2 years of the red emergency no brakes warning light prior a year ago     

no electrics ever work

no warning lights ever tell the truth ... randomly come on for phases...mysteriously disappear weeks or months later

7 years of Berlingo  earned hairloss  zen...i used to always fret .. no more..


No one understands standard berlingo electrics  which never ever work...anyway

and zen is, next time the engine is started, now: movement of vehicle..

 no ( critical)  warning  .


accept nothing works....and just smile

but its a shit word... i must ban myself using, i only  changed into using it, for you... English so so hard .... 

so i do care when i encounter even more confusing material such as that awful Barton woman....

they wone though! i accept

england is nit the place to publush good simple REAL material like you write...wrote....