Saturday 30 March 2024



got another thing comming .... if she doesn't think that i  go ALL the way...enjoying "warrioring" on  behalf f the underdog... her

To take on the whole of homo etotic Serbia would be  a walk in the park...i shall do

if needs be

Especially as this jost is duel purpose

No immo-  even 30 yrs... could possibly 


of the 

venmom spitting self harming 

 woman child 

( started by men like the original fake soundhealer  Paul...him, fully, soon...)

that arose in YUK 30ish years ago... their impossible to decipher language of Magpie theft... 


especially of other girlchilds...

( obvious in Zoe's 1000 page  diary .... of admitted child abuse - she takes public healing money, tjough safely offshore, when claiming onshore child tax credits....and does the vids making her out as mum Theresa..... fair game)

But the most divine comedy of all  2 1/2 years my small cave.... perfectly free and adide....

not even a sports centre shower

the only few nights in a house on a couch, and one bath

were in the abode of the ultra con queen of them all.. 

all the other girlwomen shaman big business girchild conbabes, were baying for her blood and factory farmef sausage dogs. ..

cos they say they conned her a bit ...

and i had to record every second ...november  december 2022as tjey will make up ANY vudu personal bullshit to deflect from their any 3 year old would know ..fraud

website soon i created to try and save her sausages

of course the real absurdist foolery on me

their 50 years practice

had of course ruined the mind of the 


30 years


once fine mind


rspecially ss i am aleays on tbe side of the underdog, the kanguage, nuance of their con is almost too hard for me to unpick,  and i have superb english from real books .. no immo even Einstein would have a hope ....

it can be fixed

but there would be blood

its called being honest

that hurts..

But i know one thing, no pain, no gain

the duel purpose

being the same frauds and venomous  vipers will also be those my own daughter encounters.....

so i do need the bible on it.... good job the ' duel purpose' of seeing Dot so close ... queen con....  me the only one trying to sincerely assist her genuine, self harm breakdown..

all other £50 for half an hour  ' healers ' ... her many year 'tribe' ...  left as soon as the stolen money ran out and they discovered they couldnt 

threaten her ( me after i took over the phone, i paid for myself....) and steal some more from her...

( these are those whom advertise all over Natural Store noticeboards... not the obvious swamp life, no the ones who really do have high production values as they stole enough to pay for the swankier websites and printing) 

 its the dullest job in the world, no fun, as there is not one sentence of poetry in one if their tragic shabby little  thieving souls ...

but as i must attempt a takedown for one i love  ..

 good job,  there will always be two....

neither of whom will ever dare say one word ever  to me again, so be it... 

i'm the lucky one with a SIMPLE obvious purpose .. 

quick! before they all go bust and use that as excuse for running away....