Wednesday 20 March 2024

vudu for breakfast


"That..[ earlier, recorded Slan Lomax style...elite 'birds' Be ing to precious for the camera] ..... is truly what language are you singing in pray tell.... i have a good ear but sat here mesmerised... I simply cannot pick up a clue..? i only sidled over as i was astonished to see anyone up at my getuptime"


" sanskrit.."

But a reminder, pretending to Be a holy buddhist zen monk for an hour.... 

God there's nothing more failed-to-work than ' alternative' theosophies for making folk rather in"human" and snotty,  over breakfast... even if only four of them  on a whole long deserted bay

They were taken aback when i told them in full of the Roma... 

" we dont believe it is wise  to speak at all  of metaphysics..."

".. that is such a surprise... why i wonder.?."

" maybe, Be ing they came from the place of sanskrit thousands of years ago, travelling through many places and peoples...and conflicts,  they figured that a Be lief in one god or spiritual way or another.. really just causes people to Be in"human" and rather wonky...towards one another [ proof was in the porpoise pudding, rit large]"

that jabbed em up the bum.. as pretend nomads can't disagree with the actual real ones they pretend to deify and sanctify and...... emulate

But there is more