Saturday 6 April 2024


I wonder how the 26 year old will be
In ten years

She can listen, liked to, in her actually
 soiled with soil " community"  farm clothes
"  starting point... you get it don't you hahhh hahhh... even your perfect community goody goody green windturbine building old hippy parents.... have failed; if almost all their cohort sold out to consumerism.... well they must take some responsibility for failing to carry their people with them.... i do.... hahh hahhh yes get it on ITV...! atvleast you understand it mist not be elituist BBC.... preaching to the already informed... " 

the above, is a tragi-parody... hungry peeps, litter filled brooks, and i have never known so many sourbold women, so called, men.... 


not even " farewell" to the ' friend'