Tuesday 30 April 2024

Environmentalism what it REALLY is.

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this is all i now care about.....action stations


in the main, on ' the' environment, was always ALL in a rural household on the same page:  take care of the resources, and the Tom-Paul Polly Garchs.... didnt, eventually.... after performing ' nature boy'  for the vositors.... their real spots came out in the end: " burn it"... ..the "messy" habitats  ( nettles the VERY best for mass of natural birdfood) ...or wood they failed to look after...so many times over two decades,  discovered

as i worked for them... helping on their psradise land... bought with mummy or daddy's Southern loot...

i am not 'loyal' like one fine real cpuntry lass's slave, the great cultural construction

we need another

cos they .. the neurodivergent, diverging from  ...rural honour and sanity,  who gentrified....need laughing


Proper essays coming up soon on that to stick in this one super post. It will take time.

Including picking bits out of last friday

Kate Andrews, Carla Denyer, John Glen MP, Darren Jone

Alex Forsyth presents political discussion from Pinhoe Baptist Church in Exeter with the Economics Editor at The Spectator Kate Andrews, the co-leader of the Green Party of England and Wales Carla Denyer, Paymaster General and Cabinet Office Minister John Glen MP and Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury Darren Jones MP.


It is simply extraordinary how appalling 'green' politicians have been for years....and this is the very last time i ever listen to the BBC - that  extremely famous Kate Andrews - approved Ayn Randian of the chattering classes, can be ALLOWED (by BBC OR Denyer) to say " UK emissions are down to 1850 levels"  when any newbie green knows in lesson 1, uk consumes FAR more than it did even in the year 2000 - materialism consumerism stuffism has massively increased (as has travel ) and the emissions are 'offshored'  - meaning whatever slave labour no regulation country happens to be taking in the washing, is creating the UKs emissions that are not counted in the UK.

And Denyer " we dont need anything else just to build current technological solutions.." 

Is worse than a heresy from the Teletubbies pretending all is always all right, secretly when the cameras aren't on,   turning on La La cos she hasnt had a shower for a week  - been too busy doing the  reclaimed wood storage after a 'makeover' and building a shelter over it so it can be reused in a few years..

THE STUFF (total man made molecules, or extracted and relocated raw materials ) going through an average household has massively increased  - three or four times more, the last few decades, than in say the 80s.. if the measurement is done properly - all those makeovers, repaintings especially of richer folks' boats.. the so so many more bags of clothes nowadays than ever before... (" oh we can send them to africa once part used", as if there are no emissions in that process) 

And lots of ultra life affirming sublime photos of ten years photo journalising the people of even my past rural lands and their waste,.. (without any actual people in the frame  - all so shabby none worth recording for posterity)

The sad, but true, truth...

Here...rotting boat wood

25 april

just as poetical short.... one fay i will make more interesting a lament

But add in 


years of pictures of left-to-rot reusable wood and other material so many times just left in the elements when it all should always be protected and eventually may be reusable...

( i only ever met one supposed ' eco friendly' woman who would do that herself, always..... its such long hard work, rural men of the ' environment'  needed companeras  doing that stuff  but something went wrong...)

add in film of women axe wielders  xxx  

(incredibly tough women at county shows in Herefordshire and Powys autumn 2022 they can wield an axe for SHOW - for the crowd, with more strength and  better than I... yet so few actually assist us protecting the resources which takes days of hard work) 

Audio 244 started saterlast

add in

pics ralph


And it continues everywhere January 2024 a huge skip of reusable wood located and suggested to THE local community hub (with no money) doing out their new gardens " 5 km  away old railway station , here are photos i took, call me tomorrow  and we can try and collect some for you... " to a seemingly with it, as they all are ' tree sister',  smugly in charge of the operation... did that call come of course not... 

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Environmentalism what it REALLY is. Names named. Plus special truthtalker guest. see webpage


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