Thursday 4 April 2024

eureka and kairos, all in one..


I found 8 years sgo.

But.... if.. there is evidence for fairies... or even ever any ' second sight' ... 

I know there is something.... but one must never act on thinking one knows what ' it' is....

the ultimate fairie  headfuck  was  that wird.

It ' came' to me in Bragg on Hardy, Tess.  .

So delxiious so deep and saying so much

ecmven,  why  Mary Ann is a bwtter writer,saner... diligent, real " poor Thom,  his ma or pa i forget witch... made him sit age 17ish at the front of a woman being  hung, hanging... and he got a hard on

it haunts me that notion....thats torturing children and ... well.... 

says a lot about your adopted land...

i have little inyerest in other than the great 

Be New


of the 70s and 80s. .

that i know worked

( even if fat cynic  Alexei i am sure a useless tangoist, as to truly tango you must be 100% free...authentic...all the way...forever.... 

in a good interview 5ish years ago stated " post ww2 ...for 3 ish decades the wonky  child rapist St Aubyn types   [ his own book states  so well] uk establishment .. seemed to let the reigns loosen a while....  to say thanks,  to the peeps....ok now have some fun...70s especially... then   in the 90sreigns taught once more...."

 fat cynic never DID anything like stand for parliament like Beppe..


or write a superb book like The Kraut

aghh i cant find it, photo of .. in the Schlink Flights of Love.... " what kind of man, seeing his child in danger [ by just rote thinking or dullness of mind,] does not kidnap him into the night to safety" words effect ...v near original i have in memory,  first saw 7 years ago. many times photod

Anyway.... that word....

i heard!!!!!!!!

yet on a relisten its not there

abd Grayling hadnt heard of it either

and he didbt break his vow to me not to use it

( google at least  impresses)

of course i have it

and it.ditcom

have had itdotcom 7 years

was going to keep it totally anonymous just in case

it is perfect!!!! 

it describes them to perfection


in the biggest ever eco legal case....

and i want it in a seperate

its a truly offensive word. in pure beautiful SIMPLE Greek

a word for Gweek

( but i only really care about the same exact people who let the Wye


and did nothing, Helena .... the true Trojan.... publicity... whores.)

a  descendent of ' pseud' .... 

and applies to them all.... i guess sadly


oh well

so it


.... unless .. 

i do have DOZENS of interviews 

entirely agreeing with me...

Mrs Buzz ( i like her man

despite doing Ramadan 

 to experience the ways of 'others)


... im not a lone wolf,and in no way revolutionary

 i merely have the guts to bark

which takes  vig guts in this rbeme park

( why she


will die before me

as keeping it zipped just another form of real self harm

it does

having once spoken

 reverting to silence is a beautiful symmetry

anti -  Navalny

either way, 

at either extremity

a knife in their hand

 or your own

 poison tipped 


so Be it

these sharp elbowed uneducated little ... poor little

i pitt only immigrants..

think we born invented spin

and you have to ACTUALLY " change" to step out of it all...for life

to live

" uk should be in The Hague..." ..  ... noticeably absebt from local noticeboards...  selki g all the ' feminine' fakery...

because they dont like to advertise,

 theytoo actually just sell their " bird" body...

 to the Hagueworthy

well they dont pay a very good rate

wanna up the charges

that hull never got fixed

soldiers down the airbase, too...