Wednesday 3 April 2024

FUN .. the actual movie :-)

 Now.... just to spite her Eckhart..... 

( even if pondering, mergolating.... and its lovely how " insights" reveal themselves long  gone from a people and place.... until easter Sunday, as if she climbs down off her scrawny cross, and reminds me, but more...  

the day after   a film title about the  bombs...quite good)

always placed next to their 
expensive network machine 

the amount of these i have seen
the last few years...
" connect.... your contactless and gizza fiver, or more..." 
except, as with this one
the lazy old duffers 
cannot keep the tech machine functional so it has an error message

Not interesting, what is, is how her.... kairos-reminded me, or in fact refreshed

Easter sunday

the land ' environment' power

is, as it ever was , feudal.... the posh " birds" ( even if she for some years drove an old Skoda....  she needs to be seen as having a 
major role in a legal case to sue
 damage done to the Wye... even if she never did a moment of work to ensure 100s of year old democratic systems to check and balance ...and protect that watercorse, dead by 2012 or 13..( REAL fishermen told my devices) 

( and i hate to write ' she' ... but its always the same, the shes of the rural lands became the only " community" power...
even if she came from Cheltenham Ladies via London in their 20s to late 40s

her man himttoo ...takes the back foot....he hardly says a thing when i meet them again...... no, SHE has been in lead charriot 10 or 15 years.....there is only the woman ' activist' nature protector....( who are the actual opposite of what they pretend to be)  why i tried to find actual REAL ones, not pseuds...    

literally out of Homer: Sirens... galloping around the countryside ( using their ' sex' ... and charm.... on the scent of a BBC microphone, even 50 km away!! .)... making all the noise, as they are so toxic and superbi**h their charriot wheels havent been maintained and oiled for decades [ having so pissed off men who may have helped...real country men who care to LOOK AFTER even her fucked up charriot] that the screech if the unoiled all  one can hear....)

Thing is she reminded me, and of course all decry use of the outdated concept ' class war' ... but thats all it is...

the Helenas... are upper middle even if stuck in an old Skoda.... and they have ALL the power, they have NEVER used for real "community" ( by a poluted  river)

intil now she has a national meemeedia spotlight.....


class caused river and environment destruction as sure as ferrits are ferrits...Helena pretended years she admired,  lass and i at that river 20 years ago.... 

a bag of ferrets with us, precisely to be 
" human" and make real friendship,  alliance with hertoo....
that worjed through the most frigid icemaiden class

i discovered worked.. an engagement with us was FUN

you have  to know ferrets to know what REAL forever playfulness is


has all sorts of REAL joy

daughter and ferrets

one of many
that drew over even the pretend homespun- in real life aristo  
" wow Esti i love your animals  ... they are so real-animal and you so good with them...and they make all the other children laugh....and learn animal....i sit and watch every day you are at our pristine river Wye..."
( in a REAL" community causes fellowship...not in that fake one, ever)

all fake, 100%

time to write it fully, 
but i must have poetical mode, or its no fun

And i wish only fun now. . only
20 years martyr to their utter unfunny dull  shabby 
axle squeeking class 

never again.
But the next gen need to know the