Thursday 4 April 2024

Gerty, cont...

 got rid of the prostitute hanger on formatting

As disxovered 6 or so 

weeks ago

I come from, and never  found any other speaker of, a language that no longer exists

it kind of did, once. And i never do elitism.  I would only spin ' kairos' in if it is a simple useful word, releated often enough to train the reader, as  you cannot know me without ' CONTEXT'.. the 2000 entrirs prior to tjis audios and vid clips

obviously a whole winters work ( i wouldnt wish anyone to be online or using a phone or laptop in the summer)

sp the problem with English and the English is there is sjch a subtle performance element to certain may Be...useful words such as 'Mata Hari' 

But obe must also have studied   the life, of Ms Hari... and also used thename in context with sane  com.unicabts, say in the 80s...when we really did have shared lexicons/ understandings.... 

 almost by ESP....

I do t know if Ms Hari was an actual hooker....

i am not interested.

Be cause i have my own ' context' to even the ' h' word...if anyone had been following me assiduously...

only one i had hoped may

she whom, i made an audio for regarding my many year forgotten but at the time ( age 16) ultra shame, item.. merely to demonstrate ...let it ALL out, in my own case needing no interest, in its dull, but it sets one usefully ultimately ' free'...  and anyway better writers have no personal limits in respect of what they let explore, learn from as they are doing so.. share to make a universal loint....

not for themselves as some catharsis...nope...its all material and interesting ( being 16 - me is not.. its the last 20  years that  are ultra groovy....impossibly unexpected..

..and my point is Merm language, as it developed the last 2 decades.. states all is the exact opposite of what i know to be fails to work......unless  i am in a hologram, even then theres only one other i want to ponder or  find the offswitch to, and she has to go against all mermism and just get the fuck on with it over to mine, even if i were the only other one in the universe if course mermism says, no, die spite she will so i forget all from my last 18 months...until one day i shall certainly write the fairy tale of it.......) 

but i ONLY care, about not Be ing Miss Quoted

All they ever do of course

Gabriel and his Memories of a Melancholic Whore ... so beautifully almost parodied a lady of the night...

but it was a not so good book, he got it a bit wrong....

There is some notion in it that whoring always ends up as the soul.

Now it just so happens, even if i have forgotten exactly which stories uploaded thus far

oh yes ' unjque' ..i know good lit crit, mixed with even the mong  supersexy Yas agrees with me, best real "HUMAN" politics,   on Gaza and she is as ultra self assured as possible  and has  been on Pally marches ( " yasmin you are being a 41 year old child...oisoned by your MFA london uni mates.... again...i thought you really did know better.... reading Tariq and watching Pilger....  its trendy to march..i thought you alone could tbink...and send me any virtue signalling selfies of it youre blicked !")


stories.... i have known several actual hookers.... two deminstrated to me

such unfaked true nobility

i myself woukd al.ost, in UK anyway..


trust a hooker

even if authenticity, none  of it...kills... more likely and quickly than aids and hep ABand C  put together

but thats the context... hours of stories!

to Be cont..