Tuesday 16 April 2024

Henry hoorays at Hay

3rd June 2023

One day.. Hay-on-Wye

 last time ever, i had to.... take a decade of work seriously and capture the new reality...

A square full of hooray Henries.


compulsory 20 grand antique landrover....

i had  no idea they had colonised there... or that  they were merely the advanced wave branching out from Pastylandshire they owned... or mummy and daddy did...decades

doesnt look much 

but i sat agog: " hic town, middle of nowhere..... . Sloane Square i can understand, but who in earth are they showing off to here...?"  


And at last we have her.

If i were to  single out one wrecker;
of the 20 years of thoughtful people knowing we need eco alliance in the region of The Wye ..from 2005ish 

The regional Extinction Rebellion coordinator..

Not only of course would she never talk to anyone who may gently riff " wow please tell me this mew kind of non chimical peroxide bleaxh hairdye that wont be ruining your River Arrow, too...ruined [ facts state] ... "

But far more important, first q to her 2018
 " ehhh...i have been meandering Presteigne Knighton speaking about the environment gently one on one markets etc...since 2014......  as when 4 of us set up Hay Friends of The Earth, mid 00s, there are only ever 5 or 10 max in each town who mean their eco credentials...so could i suggest ALL planned future meetings  we put on the flyers and item 1 of the agenda that we remind people to car share ...its hard enough to sustain  any ongoing interest in any one small town.. or get people to go to anti chicken shed planning meetings.... so if we try and combine via car share across the three small towns AND  hamlets around...we may have a sustainable group that actually DOES something..... by the way we automatically thought car share when i joined the ecology party a short time in my teens....  in v unsophisticated N Wales... we knew then it was chief weapon to gather numbers...."

go to XR kington.
and you will see it.... dorsnt exist any more-  last post 4 years ago..


( of course she sneered at my suggestion)

one of dozens of snide fakes who lead me to:
( but i have years of audios and film ...soon)

XXX but there is a really fumdamental audii recording to go in here, .... of anXR stall manning person
 replying to a simple

which sums up their disastrous snide manifestation

soon it will be here

But be clear

It started with the Merm..... i dont call wet blankers, men

this one 25 years ago...i knew it wouldnt end well

you have to be OF the land to  know how to care for it...
sorry, fact, not elitist or noninclusional...just fact
townies come out and suck up all the ( " commubity" ) oxygen, and dint learn how go breathe out so as to avoid ' bad smells'... 
became the bad smell.