Wednesday 3 April 2024

 oops...i knew it wasn't me...

But unlike Gwerk-o-merms, rather than blaming someone else, i was blaming myself: 

" naughty boy not trebble checking!" 

if a batch of 5 or 6 youtube  autobiog, footnote, clips uploaded,  in one batch, one has to go thrugh and set to ' public ' one by one as they upload to ( unviewable)  ' drafts' at first.

Now i see... yet another bug: turn off that tab, and reopen it, it has auto ' unpublished' only on of that batch....i keep noticing what i thought were mistakes, a few days later, video clips set at draft....i thought  i was losing it....but nobyet another bug.

( though cheap,  fairly easy..supergast to set up from scratch. sites  ... 15 years ivevhad onevor other and they can go years not ironingnout obviouse simple major bugs)

You think these cowboys-  the biggest in the world, can be trusted with 'AI' ... 

you  gotta  screw loose... 

and the end is nigh ...when ones phone ... yesteraft compulsory ' updates' to now the AI version of it

my spelling so 'bad',  as i deliberately turn off ALL autospelling. religiously

some mistakes obvious typos i.e. fuck pff, the p being next to the o. Others - most, deliberate  playing with misspellings, subtly,  to make a point... but deliberately not elitist  clever dick, as i am a man of the people, bizarrely as 99.9% waste things and trash the planet...and i like the planet, and like it, with a child,  i have a responsibility to do what i can so its likeable for her in 30 years, too  . ' choice' .. matter what