Sunday 21 April 2024

Rachel Cusk, maybe alone, as a REAL thinker, may get this


The real changes town( city) and country.

What the meaningless inane word "'gentrification' means...for real people.

AND a superb example of saudade.

3 audios  ( but i lost a bit and accidently repeated 2 small sections in part 3 )

however...there is a lovely duet of a scorpiom sting at the end of part 3, or rather i should day an hour later... wandering the cliffs with an ex London phd of Lit/ philosophy...

i told her ( ultramerm 46) of my tjoughts on those who do via guris or bullshit courses or even ' art of relating' ..

 ' the work' 

 she so so so agreed with me in fact she has added her comments!! :-) 

i will add tomorrow.

( she a super merm superbrain thinks uk society now needs real revolution..for all the reasons i gently riff upon...  i dont agree with her,  as i know you are all far  far more fucked up than me ...and much more dangerous than me, come 'the day'.. it will be truly dangerous.. Cormac's The Road ....time.  Just Cornwall is full of really dangerous looking swiveleyed ranting loon men,  really nervy sick ones.. even walking the cliffs..i hate it,  this isnt me...)

reasons you are fucked up, are  in the dumbed down post  earlier today...

 i have added vids to

i add tomorrow