Wednesday 17 April 2024

REAL women, time....

 sadly i am not sure i  have met any except yesteraft  beauty "bird"


One of many videos gradually i shall upload, but there are many here already in the filestore at go to the link 'daughter and ferrets' and the one below also


real women dont care about shit and death as its the cost of gorgeous new life


i can fix these  !! rahhh rah...i only just learned how to turn em round....courtesy of the Catalan


real men can fix anything, anywhere,
sadly i never met a woman who could be bothered being equal
(why the rural areas became simply unsustainable - you just get so so so tired over decades of being the only one)

the river wye before the Mermaids ALLOWED it to be destroyed by ONLY their fakery

real men can do even the hardest  ( officially knottiest flyaway)  hair...and multitask 7 rabbits and 3 ferrets  in the same kitchen, without the former getting eaten... 
All present at most ( homemade from scratch) real food breakfasts...

And there is a point.

24  years from 2000 i have  multitasked my arse off for YEARS at a time, non stop all the time... from dawn.. every day for years.

and thats the ONLY way their planet is going to be saved a fuck of a lot of day in and out, hours at a time ...unpaid ....hard real dull work... and no arsiness or excuses for not carrying on

and all i ever hear for 7  years is moan moan moan... "ohh poor me i cant...find the time moan moan moan...." which means they just cannot juggle their time back to some of it being used for the 'common good' as no one else is going to do it.... so unless they have then they should shutup about caring for it. 

A lot of which must soon go into

But there was always also a 'remedy'   10 years ago i had a plan for a positive book  - lots of photos taken, called 'scrumtious farmers' and it was sort of gathering pace.  Life studies of the ten truly wonderful farmer or very hillwalking women i had known over the years, and  by about 2018 time to show the world true NATURAL 'beauty' and energy.... (but then became so so sidetracked all energy taken by brexit... and then the 2020 hysteria) maybe one day. You can see the way that  the outdoors, few chemicals on their faces, lots of rugged exercise really does enhance natural 'beauty' not that one wishes to objectify, but it seems thats all everyone else ever does in one subtle way or other.