Friday 5 April 2024

so, to DO

 ... unlike everyone else, i not only have a fine memory, recall all promises, pledges, even suggestions i will DO something...  

( the best Voltairean joke is i wrote a will 13 months ago " if i bucket kick,  someone who says... they like children , and unlike all Brits i do  actually believe that one thing she said, to be true...  she gets not only 1000,  5k ish worth of great real  books...[of course shetoo insults as ' you and your book words!!  i despise the books you are, and you read.!!! that made you.'  

Eckhart didnt help her to be ' human' despite histoo false smile... for profit]...  20 boxes of extremely carefully stored, cleaned  kids clothes,  age 2 to 13ish.... toys books,  fantastic charity shop junk jewellery any 9 year old princess ' neice' would adore... 5 tons of good reusable boatbuilding wood carefully reclaimed and  stored for years.....  fix any ritten hull....and ALL Odysseyus's large collection of  bedbuilding good quality handtools.... a grands worth at least...and newish chainsaw... and  all to sell or do with as you wish.... no point having strings, or even ethics assumed in this only selfish acedia ridden land" .... yes that will,  still remains, always matter what....  

but the best joke of all...on years ago i knew THE one issue in respect of protecting the STUFF..... 

. ... so many times i would see a couple as they become enemies... especially if suposed ' earth mother'  "i care about the planet," women....

unable to ever remember their fey piles of  rubbish words....  in a standard situation thats been ongoing centuries: if, sadly, love turns not so loving.....  still, protect the stuff!  .. sort it clean it.....   share it out.... reuse it....  fix the broken table leg 10 years forgotten... prior to taking to the reusing centre, or passing on to someone needy...all the stuff was also collected in a state of ' love'...... and her knickers left down the back of the sofa,  years lost mouldering away their fabulous little ecosystem some bugs have benefited by...... came off in a state of  'love'....  so finding them again, put them in the washing machine or even lovingly handwash them...and return them,  to be her, their rightful...even if now only spiteful.... owner...who now tries every lie to get you arrested...or whatever....

is ... never done

tragic fakery...  many times i chronicle

... quite seriously, the many notepads and photos she would inherit too....

10 years of

conclude.. all... every single fake "community" her word ..or green...her image

just like ALL the rest.....

100s of skip photos



THE number one  ( immediately stopable) eco crime is in fact how  they.... get ranty 

emotional ( acting)

and always as if its in their DNA

to spite ( ' whom' exactly?)

... rather than calmly carefully take the time

do the hard WORK of sorting out posessions and stuff to have a longer useful life...

all of exceptions, ever

' exceptions' are in fact just narcissism...



or firetime

... ...  rule number 1 of a break up, no matter HOW badly your feelings are  ' hurt' ..or the perceived  ' injustice' even... make  sure his her stuff is protected ...bagged up....and returned...

because one day you will realise

the feeling inside

of not letting silly " human" stuff ... feelings, assumptions, fears....waste even more natural resources....

IS" bodily justice" 

yours in fact

when your stepniece sits there aside your lonely old crone  care bed .... murder on her eyes " what did you do then in the war...?"

" i... cared for others stuff.... even when i hate him....utterly totally 100% ....but.i never threw the double  outdiir chair ... he had saved 10 years a gift for his lass... he gave me, unopened,  6 Juin....into the skip   .as he assumed i would...... ."

i know no one else whom i think just may be partially sane enough to   utilise my own old stuff.... one way or other.... no matter what

though would probavly be too thick and self obsessed to not be narcissistic ..

and think any word here...or my reflections in dozens of notepads even thec last year

 is about her

every opinion, insight, long ago i had via others viewed,  or with... up close

she mereky ' licensed' me to say it all.... i always knew i should.

It doesnt make me feel good or nice

but IS  ' justice' for future  "humans"  as that can only be possible if they know the true stiries that got them to their present dystopias....

Eckartism long ago i knew kindof number 1

she is just a rather sad shabby archetype...made sad by them, her neighbours ( she told me they insulted her. ?).. not even interesting enough to bother turning into a fairy tale.... cos she hadnt the guts to write her own! about those shetoo knows she should 



tell the truth of , with her balkaneyes

I KNOW...only one thing, she wanted to.... do that

.. and also has superb English.... the best i have heard and read ever.... from even any English...

she ..... 'gaslit' herself into thinking otherwise

so is also a classic low esteemed, maybe even abused person

so that only means she is only



not me..

i know the simplest rules.... Voltaire lived them, i only copy him...  

carry on even if the silly ex-loves try and get you judicially 

bitten in the bum

Viltaire we remember

His prideful sad 

mad  exs ...we dont

in my world of actual ' feminism' they .. the mad sad, are just as strong and have real intelect

and  find a way of using their little' foibles' 

for some ' common good', too


no matter how stupid it makes them seem 

at first....

those facial lines are even stupider

as they dont need to Be

they can be fixed

only by 


.... equals laughing

 especially at onesself....  

in a useful history.  ...


oh yes... their awful PART  good... problem with Eckhartism.. Brandism ...all these awful copycats menchilds

not brown enough to make Deepak Chopras dodgy bullshit


theres always SOME  truth of course and some useful wording...  in their patois

one is " process" ..  one of  her words

put on her categorically self-harming Fakebook a year ago....

a shamword...anyway 'processing' can only be done in private on long walks alone... no one can help.... 

perfirotming it on a fakebook post i know meant.... no hope... she lost, maybe even made herself mad

but REAL 'processing ' i DOing.... 

me, years, processing.... every used 3 year olds pair of knickers....

 the last decade, processing....  despite true pain trauma whatever word...


cleaning even pineballing [ Merm  version  of mothballs..of course some Merm promoted stuff is good]  boxes of 3,  5 ...9 year old girly's knickers.... and every other item needed for one... as someomne else may FEELINGS must be secondary ...

even if i decry despise pity every scummy useless meanminded  " human" on this planet, knowing 100% cert every one IS

that PROCESSING .. putting aside also the self ... ones opinions all valid... 

doing the work as IF other " humans" are ok and deserve a box of stuff...

or storeroom of books n tools even if number 1 bitch in the universe 

on the face

 of her...

is the actual " processing" that works..... 

why i pity anyone stuck in Eckhartism.... or the wrong side of her Black Swan

its just tomorrow is a new dayism


DO something


when you are as sad as ...her