Thursday 11 April 2024

So...yesterlunchtime, the list

 Went to the boss of the ...big... library... where, because

people seem to know how to shut the fuck up

" thats a coincidence, we were just speaking about this yestersometime..."

" this was for the only quiet librarian, in the public sector,  left in this sick shopping aisle.. but sweet underling.... get your camera out.... you have earned it, too..." 

Now... a little later, at last, the end. THE end... of gullible's travels ( thinking she ... well, lived somewhere even minorly tollerable.... with one other good mind,  to Ms  " uk/ Hague"

 To the bosslady 

" sorry madam...... as you have chimed 

the place is full of pretty dicky dodgy

even junky


you yourself say you,  plural, were saying

'no happy ending grown up....literature'

well even your right hand younger woman has been Teletubbyised  speaking of' happy ending'

when a better way of putting it may be ' life affirming'

which means, as it seems i must with you: fight on... be a 'warrior' if you can

against all cant and vanitirs,

 you seem to personify

me a man daring to disagree

.. but if possible stand ones ground, cheekily with the cleanest upstuck fingernail.....

at least she

thine underling here,  has read Rachel, the only good mongrel writer this century, in this   sadly not mongrel isle, being they are all only  only uniform, of one uniform samey anodyne  cultural mindset: ..prostitute

indeed thats an insult to hookers, some i have known and they are aleays hinourable, and real ' human'

your  modern british writers setting, only able to peddle confected victimhood, vulnerability, and things ' 'wrong' with them in their modern fiction... Cusk however  is uniquely 'human' with her 

' its all a big unknowable bowl of cherries, and during my divorce i was quite unknowable as i, Mummy Cusk, became a nastier more dangerous  bitch  than Nuttyyahoo... and i admit it..'

. and she  told that story too...and this this sick festering aisle...LEARNED ..madam, reality....thus she has a range of 'human' beings in her as we all do... i admire only Cusks truth.. the rest wouldnt get a tenner for backalley blowjobs they are so sakty mouthed...

" furthermore..your chiming with me on Apocolyptic McCarthyite, The  Road canibaloid  flesh eating sickness ....all around...especially in Gweek.... cannot you get it!?? ... the culture... the total lack of brave, give it to the man, or dogginess... 

" and you can shut the fuck up with your confected dogging.... a gorgeous funny young woman IN A WHELCHAIR......who sells ' im a neurotic dog owner and need to label even my pooch, to control myself after 2020 hysteria' . laughingly wanted to show me this in her phone at her dogging stand earlier.....  SHE alone is the black cunt, in Frog, Intouchables.... who made us laugh,  REAL laughing...[ and 40x return on investment ] ... him and his wheelchaircman made us want to LIVE ...universally.... we are all the samr and tjus neurodivergent lit is fraud.... and wont last.

...and somehow the wheelyman who only wanted to be in the final wheelybin at the beginnong of that beautiful life affirming culture....... went and  made ... maybe AI the

 ' human' kind involving new little spermy life...had three more kids!!... your culture love caused this... Ealenor wanting to be self-harmed by the elephant under the bed.... i didnt call my bookshop 27 years ago Acedia  cos im thick ..and didnt know it applied to every british customer i had...but NOT the Europeans...

" love...its over... your british literature of the last 10 years, especially,  but starting with McKewan,  over your head... you never even heard imof magnificent Wendy Perriam rudest  lit  bitch ever a good way..

.great sales too... the rest, love

FAILED....  why your park you laugh about and make clever  quips  about.... being  full of dangerous  loonies  and junkies....  its the culture love, capstone of the pyramid.... and i bet your pension will be just fine, from purveying, or even paid- lending,  the failed, worst of it,  for decades...."

The end, security was not ....called for.

How perfect, me sat on the bookshelf steps, a little later

aside  the Cusk cogent underling... 

i could feel her ' vibration' 

' manifesting' 

" at last someone tells the stupid bitch the truth, and of the lack of ANY homegrown good ' art' .. and we must stop smiling 

.... stop our painted on vapic empty smiles all day...

and... pimp only books 

....that do change folk, for real...: cos my kids arent safe "


book 10 in my list.  of 15 to write, or audio riff more coherently:

dozens of recorded interviews the last 9 months

even if wheeleywoman, a REAL woman..

laughs at her own pimpin!

at least 20 others .. proper dog lovers, do agree with me on the record:  " frig this whole label dogs, very prevelent East  Southern Pastylandshire...  is the new nuclear virtue signalling makes me ill.... and is terrible for the dogs!  and also kids.. the dogs being evolved to be only aside us...never centre of attention....   sniffim mum's aroma ' hmm is this wildman who just started a chat with her about me being ok, gonna rape n pillage her? if so ... i need to bite his ass... so get smelling them...

sniff sniff... hmmm..

 ....mums isnt that cortisolish  ... hmmm hmmm

.... her laughter also i hear a diferent vibration in it....i am not used to.... it seems...unforced...  what a shame i was in the mood for a good bark at keast him the rapistbinvader into our personal dpace bubble ..... but her actual connection to the energy of the universe  suggests  maybe not him ... wait til the next neurotic weirdo' 

( dogs emotionally fucked like so many now are being centre of attention,  as they age go really bonkers...BPD... and a lot of kids are going to be years to come.....dogs go wonky later on and their real sick nasty wolf can come out......i know i was raised among true dog men... the shepherds of N Wales...)