Friday 12 April 2024


As if to perfectly prove

kairos plus if you search you cannot find, especially if you had no idea what useful thing you may need to look for

She, nr 15 years ago whom... cannot ne named for legal reasons.. shouldnt,for dull reality reasons, as she was just lost and stuck, of no use to man or two dogs.... 
even if they were trained to search out and eat alive 
 ( that so made me laught, too, "Mr Spam" i need only now a Mrs Spam.... now i have the right 'SIMPLE' language...i always struggled to find ) 
termed them " coasters" ..

And then out of the blue ..

( film to stick in here of the rich family's  sexy young woman slave, opening the gates at 7.30am... so she can go and preclean.... and then  her automatic move ... such practiced steps:  item two on the checklist, to bollard off the over the road from their oligarchs' gates,  public highway ... for her feudal overlards n they dont have to walk any more than 5m to their fuckin second home, gate... they havent been at for most of the last few months :-)
i know i like their little road as new  quietest atch....aside)

other bollards up the road, 
MOW i know what art i shall make! 
Turner comin up..:-) :-) . 
not the spastic Podgermoaner kind... the reality of this fetid aisle

in imagery

A would be bollardic nation, if they dared....few are quite as barefaced, behind their smiley masks...but all would be if they could

one of 3 recent splendid offices

thank god no one bothers going to pray any more they dont know what to pray for, whilst preying on even their woman godsquad famous.... torygraph fame, my level.... . cancelled... ex BOSS...
my friend i care about her
living on!! 
my first and only invite to a meanestounty 

front room for a coffee!!

as she agreed,  and then he! many years my religious bigotry  consultant yestermorn  ( last call a week back was the once every 3 months hissyfit phoneslam down...i just ignore and keep the faith)
" fuckit man you got it... currency, using folks words against them,  JK...  irrelevent, real people relevent...
..became a new currency!... how to get power, jobs, and twatter folowers...  duno if thats money yet one day yes currency... bangon you...""


" Dad... in three lines only....

and in one


ALWAYS click images to enlarge

of a journey i didnt know i woz on dotcom

now i have SIMPLE lexicon/ word picture .. to explain, to even a moronic  MM half wit ( with never any wit)

exactly, whom...

Some new words it appears are needed

copyright me

 no others on oggle
and only a few " bollardist"


Meanwhile back in the 'now' 

" Saxon... you are kidding..... fuck you ......what a superb name i am jealous... 
now... your ultra woke brand 
......  fleece every cent... fleece then leave this lost isle of only acedia ...look it up!
... please let me help..... Gweek is where you start.. undercover....  there, most certainly there ... they will dream...of eating your sexy long Ausie  legs for brecky..... and do anything to be your....brand partner ...
 you are tailor made....with your tailored ultra brand
. to be the Trojan.... 
campervan.... " 
to Be