Wednesday 10 April 2024

well...a REAL we met in the mizzle

 with a smiley face

could launch a thousand  ships

many of which lazily leave their nets, ropes, and pots out in the weather for years,  weather deteriorating ( many snaps, as an artistic collage, soon..i guess i will haave to leave heretoo to show the true truth)...  which means the plastic...peeling off microbit by microbit,  into..the  Pastylandshire incessant winds (as she would say ' just the weather, you cannot vhange it' )...wind... to add to the microplastic sludge, even encroaching upon the pristine,  til just a few decades ago...antarctic.

The new best ever smiley one " the weather you cant change it... keep on smiling " 

" i write about REAL ☺ ...i can tell, your is a real one" 

A farmers daughter ( superb legs, for about my age, too)...

says it all.

I showed  her my fountain pen  ( cheap COOP £1.79  .. very good nibs it has to be said,  start leaking after about 3 months...  3 of 4 have... but gaffer tape or other fixing devices do work to keep them going 3 or 4 years)

" 15 years ago..certainly ten.... my number one anti Merm device..[ MM].... they send you horrid inhuman bitchy " dm me for change" ...or emails as it used to be...assuming....  sticking needles in you.... unable to read what one painstakingly wrote to them...sp full of their MM self....  even her and her  lost lamb  'narcissm'...   well ..

the way i make it clear not only do i never take your snipey digitals to heart.... but if only you would learn....could [ hint MMness  first symptom, they cannot...i did: if yhey cannot read via a sxreen maybe they will via pen and paper so let me CHANGE my mode of   Be ing..]   nice handwritten things are a million times more ' human' ... work far better, and at least show  i care enough about possible alliance/ marrige....  and i put the time in.... but flip luv you lot must have some expensive habits the way youve had to put up the price of your stamps...."

 defo marriage material, great legs from hiking around the bills all day ( 100% guaranteed to increase i understand economics and 2.6 trillion public debt: its OVER... your 30 year parts...finished...the end... even in MMservice economy land...indeed its quite obvious [ data coming soon]... you are toast.... bad career choice..its called ' discretionary spend' ...for a decade ir more! :-) ...  first thing to go in a real ' depression' even Labour arent offering electoral bribes.... 

meaning they know the party is.