Thursday 4 April 2024

wow a super landloping Serb

Her " yuck.. ehhhwwww.... the BBC.... toxic"



the problem is 


to quote him


 " from our no doubt biased point of view"

we hear the thrilling story i had no idea i thought they were all canibals called Slobo.... his" bias' referred to 

i had no idea.... until Melvyn brings it to us

Your ac phone is invented by


( landloping in his 20s)

In Our Time

Nikola Tesla

whos s " inventor"   MUM  educated...influenced,  him to be an engineer 

shame within a few generations they educate people for cheatingdosh ... in nonwords, such as ' feminine'  to con the rest of miltary funded Gweek.. London on smelly toxic Thames

silly me

yhinking in this toxic aisle one could ever find sanity

or just one  good   reliable mind