Monday 13 May 2024

A real man, isn't polite... fake southern polite

 "Dad.... the old fattie....he's never even said hello to us all these years...   you and your longer than regulation fascist hair, me and my braid... and our hippie hope, he is just prejudice... if ONLY he wasnt judging the final...woe is us all this way and...  "

A real man..... at the world/universe  ferrit championships Chatsworth House.... when there are only two blue rosettes one for best nipper in show, and the other.... for  best grown up.... 

A real man... judge Richard ...Has no enemies.... theres's Bee haviour...and theres fact

(but it was afterwards...can you imagine surreptitiously approaching this man as he is on his aftershow meat pie....  who has never even said hio to you in the pre or post show gatherations..." so Richard ehhh... why?" " lass....i only eveahh seen one ferrit like that before in me 'ole damn life...")



our first hedgehog

sadly, hertoo
The first Merm
Or more a metaphor, in Trojan Horse

hindsight described

The 20th




the only festivals i ever went to after i grew up and realised...
to Be



ish to move around later

At last a plug plugged in but why bother

just before La Grande finale

The last day THE CHAIR was at our rented farmhouse before gentrification

even there...

gentrified to here
the first camp
Quite happily, bugger the lot of them

A 10 year old girl, doesnt get to be made JUDGE at world Miss universe ferrit championships...
unless the hierarchy
THE institution
(the best fun one we ever found)
 has watched her well
knows her well
And knows she is top lass
In all ways...and can handle ..ANYthing

The end
All i know is one old laptop i still have an emotive screen picture
This newer broken battery A/C only one

I don't need to "change" thank you very much.... I may well be the only person in this shitty lost aisle who likes themselves and all their choices, too, and needs to change.. nowt