Friday 10 May 2024

" community"

i care less about,  than why the environment never stood a chance.

They .. the new colonisers from the cities, spent more time learning words like " shaman" ..or absurd ' gaslight'  ( Labour accuses Tories of today,  its all insane) than what a ( legal) " trust" is, or how to sustain a legitamate, rather than pyramid scheme,  ponzi charity.

And thought the great culture, from Animal Farm to The Land of the Blind, couldnt possibly be a lesson for themtoo 

In other words with their new ( Miss Guided ' spirituality'  language becomes workshopping con, they could no longer think)

But far more important, THE ' environment' is in the rural fringelands. These fake selfish new spiritual and ' eco' prophets .. for money, described below, sucked up all the attention....

Then at the  times we needed all hands on deck resisting some regional damaging eco hypocricy

they did NOTHING...( i have the email trail over 15+ years)

but they already HAD used up the limited " community capital" i.e.  limited time and energy, ( volunteering in their in reality profit focused " communities" )   of those in the region who may have...

A truly unvirtuous circle, only, ultimately, for their own profit...

that totally destroyed traditional grass roots standard eco protection, etc...

The subtle perversion of "community" - sustainable / eco / grassroots, from mid 2000s. Real stories. = damage to effective environmentalism. 

The model

( reprised) 

great culture .. the spivvy new age architect ... 


( all episodes can be found with effort)

But the model of the nett effect in THE environment, some years later,  of  TomPaulPolly, no one dare do, or maybe they don't know. i do. And have many stories,  all  defamation proof as rhe chronicle is bulletproof.