Monday 13 May 2024

Disguise, only.... ( simple, behind the mask)


The good, but nevertheless awry, or almost impossible to translate thing about The Bee thing..

Starting the Week..

Often, the really not very good Tom.Sutcliffe - one of the worse new paradigm radio4chan ' presenters' more concerned with presenting some perfect 

nice-man  image, you would love to make up the numbers at your 'smart people' dinner party...  in other words compared to Lord Bragg, a piece of fluff, bimbile....saying things to be heard saying the 'right' tjings, when Mister Bragg just tells em to shut up and make a real.point...

Often Tomboy, a mere manchild, thistermorn at least said " and that [ in Bee life] could Bee metaphor for that..[ in "human" life]

Of course the total one dimensional, fragile little paper thin, cutting edge of Mermism - really just designed to draw blood ( i became bulletproof in respect of) they cannot committ to one ( partner) forever..... cannot deal with thinking in two dimensions, such as a metaphor may require....

And anyway, thirty years ago i heard my very first new paradigm speak from that germinating  new world view,  protomerm.... in my opinion likely a wonky plant

With erroneous DNA ...but i may be wrong

Maybe i am the stuck simpleton, as indeed i am simple...

( audio to come)

Anyway, in by far the unhappiest whole county i have ever endured in my life,

-   and ive endured some duff places ( that's a good definition of " love").. 

It is about disguise: I need nothing when i walk. But taking a few things in a propper walkers pack,  shuts them up....

They know they dont make much money from you, usually...  "bloody gas stoves ... cpok their own rice on! "

( gone up even more, started £1 a can of gas 3 years back, now nearly 2...yet another  reason for two people, per pot.... on the hob at 20p a  kettleful ..)

But they also know drug dealers dont go on walks, nor the many lost rather fizzy regional alcies or many self harmed through the drugs...or robbers... so one gets largely ignored...


though it seems that if one does not EVER wear sunglasses - i havent wasted the resources of the plastic factory on a pair of them since i was about 15 and wanted to look a spaz... then i grew up

... a bit..

By many, especially the sunglassed ladies( latterday so ugly 'wrap around' black no light escapes) ,  of their Coastal Pathway ( the 'Liverpool Pathway' euphemism for pillow over the gob)  to many i can feel  in their eyeless stare, they perveive my bared to the skies eyes, a sign of immediate self harm ( the Kraut owned none, i asked) 

Anyway all that is merely just very depressing and ugly and  ( like a fine woman i thpught i knew,  upon being asked what she felt after being hit) .. i feel sorry for them..

'Eyes window of the soul', and all that... we knew 40 years ago...

So, language...or rather a changed usage ... diversion in my opinion, into.... 

" transcendental / spiritual / shamanic / Russell Brand's dubious fizzy acting ... " 

I do believe really is the modern day Babel...

So its all very well starting the week with

" and thats another fine metaphor you got me into ... " 

( ' mess' ..what's that from? not Reardon...  i forget)

But the real problem is there really are new patterns of wanting to ...?? what ... wanting to show off in diferent ways with words do with words ... that only cause many metaphors to fall how do any of us REALLY communicate any more...??

A metaphor for, one may as well be dead

audio in a bit.

clothes blowing in rhe wind, a metaphor for something...

i know not what, 

or i do,  


But a 50 year old beach/ bath towell ( as shown off  6 mths ago) pictured above,  is not a metaphor,  it merely is a fact: .mndfulness is always, for 40+ years of adulthood, treating mother earth's resources carefully..

 and looking after the stuff we do need.... NO matter what psychodrama around  ones fence

nothing ever to do with me...