Sunday 5 May 2024

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is being improved gradually- a new section already, it does also include

INCLUDES truly expert strategy for  impressing any judge,  directly in a trial ( i.e.  in a non- jury trial, most that aren't being based on sworn statement... which are the majority - and all child cases )

And twenty years, my antenna quite uniquely attuned to responses and  actual actions of thousands of people,  either in inner circle or periphery of  family situations where parents are under existential stress or threat. ( naturally causing true psychological knock-on angst in any child in the vicinity). I can assure the patterns i encountered are almost fatal. Never mind at the root of most future child behavioural issues  that continue mind/ body well into adulthood and often for life ( eg those subject to angst in childhood,  often have digestive system issues that can blight their whole life) , but also fatal towards any future sane interaction across  any sector of ordinary society as such people may face ANY challenge. A genuine disconnect,  or 'disregulation' - the new silly trendy word of the 40 somethings who think they are 'smart'. 

Who as usual spend all their yime on useless fakebook ' qriter' or ' expwrt' sites.

None will tell you about the above, as there is no money in it for them saying so;  and no rubbish new  clever newspeak with which to impress.

In fact i wonder if  any of my former tribe of lay legals  ever stopped to THINK...all gradually so full of themselves, too.

 Simply 20 years, fact, from 20 years observation inside others tragedies.

And one of the actual real reasons uk national debt skyrocketed these last  10 years... 

The inability to  process even fairly simple, but life-changing if a failure,  legal issues, efficiently and rationally....  

 ( and that's just the educated middle ish class i legally looked after...)