Saturday 18 May 2024

Happy, is also..

 Not needing to ' share' my best ever interview chat on The Coastal pathway..


At last an Austrian woman: " do you know...  who is the greatest constructive critique  in literary form, maybe the last 100 years? i hope so cos he is yours... cmonnn... think...?"

" ahahhh yes Thomas Bernhard....  i read him when i was 16... i find him quite FUNNY..."

At last!!!almost the end of the Odyssey ... not only can eurobabes

 ( mind you number 2  yesters my my  my, she is so fabulously intelligent ...  bet she wont listen tho " best therapy writer i know of, after Sasson's Miriam, in Love of son ... Our Wend she laughs at  and twists  all cant and vanity around into something always uplifting... always brutal, real.... the genuis of the real  shitshow

 we must
just persist" )

I mean.... an Austrian, knows TB,  her god, ALL English would term " my my thats a HARD book.."  ... he is playing, tongue in cheek... because he ' loves' £1200  bonkers travel system " human" he juggles all our real cants and vanities into a funny old mix....

By which i learned

Anyway, end of the Odyssey... she wouldnt receive it....!! 

"Well i don't care what your personal bullshit space bubble is .....Ive had enough wirh dwfault to reasons why not everyone on this sceptic aisle is polluted with,  i am just going to... forget to take it with me..."

I also know, that if and when i ever see her again, she will smile at me and say 
" yes... it was beutiful, and truly happy... and as you say,  no English can write like that any more... it made me want to live! " 

And never mind her words,  her smile wont even...lie...

(dont tell her

But the Pastylandish Porny woman.... #2

She really really DID make me smile.... i was smiling even more rmthisterdaqn recalling all her words..... they were simply magnificent! this certainly aint in my ferkin bookplot...!!!!.... if she were in charge of all UK  trau.amoaning therapy... and sexcrimes...[ i shall take Tolle for a walk along the cliffs " he can walk on the outside" hahh hahh..].... she really is the only one i have ever met who could save this dead fish of sma spewed up seagull breakfast of an aisle....from itself  ..and all the Merms!!!! she is unique...impossible she could exist.... .. )