Tuesday 21 May 2024

real, quiet...

Quiet land, fixing.
Above all.

And using the body to  sort the sort-of-weeds from every flowering plant needs to Bee .... cherished.

 Quiet cookery (  the amount of times I have said "food is fuel... [ though i prefer healthy, natural, vitamin rich, meat-as-treat, sometimes but ...i will eat anything"  and one may as well have spoken into the noisy  hurricane of whatever has taken over, all this endless talk about food...)

and eating it... in the quiet... 

All i know is they have become boring, even the best one yet.

As i riffed with the Austriam a few days ago " Thomas ... hahh hahhh... do you remember the passage where he ranted about photography  for a few pages .. 1985ish stating ' ohhhh lordy,  and as for all this  endless new fangled  photographing everyone,  endlessly, some new compulsion, it is the end ... of the minds eye, and civilisation...'  hahh hahh what would he make of today...  and i certainly feel ill every time i see a line of them all with their phones out...."