Monday 13 May 2024

reset, or just ...


Mr Karrat.

And do your cleaning.

Even his Nibbs.

Even if for years i hate being ' his' anything in this society.
Never mind Nibbs.

As ' their' ... is so much easier. Always.

No more bad poetry, either.

All clean a fresh start, i know not where.
But i do have those clean seas of Croatia in mind

Even if it ended 1st May, that's my commie new-start day...  but i had no idea of the certain pathway, next
Until, If i could paint, i would set her look down for, all i need to know: 
as she said, and obviously one never means 100% ..."of you brought up your children so disastrously.." 
But i knew where the line was between a healthier territory and not so, simple, and secure... firmer swampmud... less angsty 
to travail..
Her fine healthy German face said
 it wasn't ever here...
Far less chaos and confusion, back at herrrs....
But Germany is too industrialised and landlocked for me...
I did always like the OPTION.. for an easy time by the sea