Monday 6 May 2024


 post not ready til 0900

gibberish until then.

Dedicated to the fabulous woman, despite her name-  that of Judas the real deal

( my ma woz),  

same age as me ....

 who looks 53!!

with the best ever siversexy....  thatch


nature keeps us sexy,

 no potions needed

( and i know why, because ' elders' who civilisations have recognised forever, are there to be listened to,  and if the sunglasses and phones havent given you eye cancer  - sunglasses actually scientifically proven to disregulate natural melatonin  protective systems, so wearers are merely self harming or indeed comitting just as slow suicide as a rollup fan... i must stop... soon ...even if i know my version makes me live longer as they do assist in the always new dawn, new day buzz.... even without any Bee... 

somedays snap out

of slumber right into the forever battle

that more than ever is a sad slowdeath moaning vanity

( what a story: mr and mrs sexythatch known since  nippers!! ) 

So, even if for a decade and a half ... two decades, really...i knew the big ' something' which sounds very NPD ...

i have to write it properly, soon, but digital is so sharp edged, static, no-meat to smell as it oozes life... it has to be handwritten. 


Especially as we must mix in what no mermaid, ( Jesus H Christ i had to go to the church yestermorn to charge up, and the boss lady was actually having long serious theological discussions about mermaids in church, symbolism... of the region... talk about dumb, mythmonstering..i had to leave, unchargedup it was so ... jesus-and-the-market- tables,  sickening.... 

Go inland, even dumbed down The Marches, and all normal people know mermaid talk is only for three

 year olds... 

proof: the sea 

makes folk 


America, especially as UK for 100+ years,  THE big parisitical  little lapdog, i saw 30 years ago...Even boonies North Carolina, 


then DC.. last time there 2 months in

ninety four

( international painter and decorator for... my  child-mentor ...what a story... ) 

1910ish maybe 20,  near 50% of members of the House of Lords  had yank heiress wives, as Byron had pissed away the Empire, and the whores gambled for his shirt on a Greek beach lusting after what was left...

( the Yank " birds" marrying those old Brit duffers merely for their antique bling, twas ever thus) 

USA is impossible to unlink



( many of the UK business political elites spend long summer hilidays there,  so of course their social mores, and ' thinking'  infects)

But actually writing up what " happened" 

Mermism is the exact opposite of

To quote superwoman

" teach the nippers !critical thinking"


She is simply astonishing, almost lifechanging.


Having had a relisten... nothing else to do

If i hadnt heard her intro on her age i would have thought fourty three.

Mermism is about selfish " my little bubble of blue is to be only ever sweet, so fuck off...i dont want to think, never mind take,  real ..part"

And as stated 10 days ago ish in audio waffle,  i was world expert gold medalist, far more California pure zen, peace and even love even if orekid it is hard to inderstand what it is...for....

 than any 73 year old Californian babe on in 2021  putting up a photo of her looking 43 as they ALL do...

30 years ago i was world genius at sweet still life; hiding, and sensuality, no vudu involved as... one didnt then have the lexicon for some more intelligent eplanation than " agnostic"

So the wonderwoman... sounds, and i bet she moves,  and even still fucks - on her good days,  like she is 43...cos she FIGHTS

the big hard word.

'Fight' or just take part in reality....

I know it keeps you ' younger'...  that is the simple sad dull truth. Want to have the lifeforce of the astonishing 73 year old, then you have to keep ploughing that straight furrow, all the eay up to the flowerbeds,

of death

me i " share" - i realised 7 years ago in proto-mermoland  as they invaded Hay, then Presteigne, pretending to be sweet, creating a fantasy for their new life,   when the only way you could afford a house there was rip off society bigtime, or the ex husband in the courts, just as likely.... you cannot " talk to" even "speak with"... nope, i am not a narcissist personality disordered time waster, i knew even if W Herefordshire healer woman merms - all ex city vapid parasites and con artists, actual fiscal defrauders, ( sale of goods act)  and several were close,  necessary friends - mums of kids i needed to manipulate and coerce, having initially groomed,  to be our  genuine daily friends ( via luring them in.. first step grooming,  via our many animals and us sat there grooming out  ferrets  on leads at the local Hay beach... see if their kids wanted a go, too)  for sake of socialising my daughter with non  chav  friends...

None of whom were ever 'on the table' as partner material, as one....

... had discovered having them flat on their backs  would be, is, as lifelike, in"human",  as screwing a block of wood...  and not  with modern, ' posi'drive...  

I know you have to afopt some of their duf silly sensetivities, " share" not " speak" ... so i did use their lingo way before any person with same approach as mysrlf: " lets TRY and be half decent elders and figure what the fuck to say...

. but dont say 'say'

 say share... poor little things most with 75% NPD..NOT teir fault!"

" positive" talk  ( which became virtue-veganism) cannot cover up, dead meat..

Brighteye, backbone...straight... internet photos only partially touched up

So here is the 'thing'... we in more advanced  "morally", social mores far healthier the 80s even, read our Pilger and Tariq Ali....

we got it.

But... yestermorn, to meet a pile of Pilger...  and their owner... my age

the true tragedy was rit large,  that person could no longer hold even a partly real conversation.... and i knpw there was nothing wrong with them except  ... ??? hmmmm how to term?? the last 20 silly years.

UK simply went Telettuby

The thing is,  even if it is said USA uses 3 or 4 times more energy on STUFF or just manmade mollecules  or raw materials relocated and guzzled

 ...  per person than even UK. I knew USA well,  in even mid 90s it eas astonishing in that 95% of folk were really fairly  nonmatetialistic. Most people didnt have many clothes or new things. Wander silly retiree houses here, they fisplay yheir stupid gnomes and trinkets in the front porch....

not in USA ... a kind of simple austerity was the norm

But then i guess the preppy yuppyness of the 80s became more mainstream and shopping became the thing....

but it wasnt that long ago  that to surround oneself with shopping bags was totally anathama ... to self respect.


years of po dering American lexicon, and passing curiosity  Clinton era politics ... then mister fake  ( peaceman, who boosted the mil ind complex more than any other) Obama

The simplest tjing one can say about America is the words!

They cannot utter, it is impossible: 

"less is more"

Mrs Strossen

Anyway.... superwoman: 

"we are not reduced to any insulting epithet anyone may wish to hurl at us"

but ..

 if there is a MISSION

mine in the can

Their man

kindof started it

though he eas a bit too elitust cleverclogs

" our life is frittered away by detail...simplify, simplify"

and other great Thoreau ' simple' quotes.

But even if it is never about one person, 'HOPE' .. a terrible dangerous word,   was rit large said to my face yesters... a man, siversexy's man....   of  renewables engineering .... " its a while away yet.. change takes longer than plan A" 

And thus

the awful Green Party leader

is frankly as NPD - in their case 100%, as  Caroline every-week-at-the-hairdye trying to look 35  forever,  Lucas ...

He too kniws, that STUFF...  ee really do have to cut back...big big bigtime.... for a few decades 

alow the ' technology' or as it only is, catch up, with truth...

sunset only cos every damnl 50 something or older ' elder'   i ever meet... except afew in 70s...simply wants to find endless cures,  clever fixes ..remedies... when they live longer  .. with so so do  much real LIFEFORCE... translates into health, speaking UP 

and its so easy! there is no doubt any more... there was 30 years ago.... no one disagrees now we fucked it...this planet. we better find the remedy...