Thursday 6 June 2024

Bee day...or ea


6 June.

B for my body.

Which isn't bobbydiscolated.

Be ...cause.

One thing i don't know about cousin cultures, over the channel, is if they are quite so anniversary obsessed as Britain.

All my years of  tending towards European friends and loves, i never enquired of that ' difference' perhaps because it doesn't come up - anniversaryism... 

Probably it is  less a ' thing'.

In fact Poland   ( and other former soviet places?) has a totally different birthday tradition of everyone in the whole country reporting their age as the age they will reach in the year ahead, all resetting on first January.

If in Poland

29 dec 2023, " how old are you E? [ birthday 28 dec] " 

"i  am 25"

1 jan 2024

" how old are you E?"

" " I am 26"

 even though  the 26th birthday is still nearly 12 months away.

6 june... was my father's birth and death day.. 

But became a better anniversary day. No matter what any other " human" thinks.

Funny thing is pondering on a long walk

Apart from all that matters is 40 km a week..

ALL... literally all...

In fact yesteraft once again, heading out, " ugghhh... i am slowing down,  twinging a bit...... "

It is only at km 5 you realise, " nope back to full fine bodily flow... tip top strength.. finest flow" 

I figured what it is really about, it.... 

This human condition. All quite simple. 

Apart from 'class' - the endless status battle, it really is very simple, seeing as i saw old man Ralph, the ultimate toughest ruggedest  outdoors man,  my only real father person, for 7 years, tjose formative years age 11 to 18,  who i hadn't seen 15+ years,  his knees gone .. crippled, unable to get out much, still he had a real incredible   brightness to his eyes - an incredible vitality, life force...

And despite, because...  of being pure ' working class' ... but of an age when knowledge was a passion and non class issue...

He just lived to learn....  and then mentor.. . and never stop his delight in learning.

His eyes ALWAYS bright.

Despite his cloth cap.