Thursday 20 June 2024

The conclusion:

20 years of mumbo jumbo.
odyssey moomoo

'"shaman"; guru.

But the more, most...insidious: 

( as we hear,  even  Australian 'gen z' sucked in...)

Everyone always knew the ' second eye' was a con. Even the oridinary run of the mill Roma - slightly ostracise their  fortune tellers..... as just on the con, but you gotta do something tonpay the rent.

All just a dull con...

Serb psychic tips England to thump Serbia as Kane to go on Euro 2024 'goalfest' Serbia are set to get thumped by England tomorrow (June 16) - according to the country’s top psychic who claims to be a relative of Nostradamus.

But what really matters, meknows, is several decades of  compulsory, but false ' spirituality'.

Gimme old fashioned madness,  that claims little, any day... over any one claiming ' spirituality'. As i know they will be the very last peeps to know what it is...for....

To fiinsh
one day