Wednesday 10 July 2024

So interruptus, by no ' body'...


Even if there is 'spirit'.

But the final conclusion was faux 'spirituality', is worse than everything else put together, including people pleasing, not 'meaning what you say'; the three faces, of all around....  


You cannot, beat 


" fifty six..... you have a certain movement about you young man...." i  extemporise a tad

As we eye tooeye....on the cliff

Extemporise it....all....

Fuck a duck ... there still is only one whom does it for me, and youtoo....

Cos i need doin' to 

To do.

What even Suzi sed, needs to Beedone

....  But thistermorn, they said... " we write.."

SO where doe we even start?

Years ago i remember exactly when, the Christian Cret he said.... 

"in balance nuthin' happens"

But i should have stood my ground: "Andrew my mantra is 'balance'.."  as i privelaged him by beginning.

At the beginning, her rain came, in my ears.

And he doesn't even get a mention.

And the only beginning, is the second - a civilised continent generally has a nap at lunchtime.

And a second wind after it.

So, how do you do a Montaigne, when stuck. 

And the ultra, actual merm, tracks me down, and as if the movie was scripted way way before the word was invented 3000 odd years ago - hewn into a stone tablet, plays her part to perfection.

One day i shall turn into a tablet, remedial...... because i know when the end times sit at the cliff staring into nothing as there's nothing inside...