Wednesday 26 October 2022

Oh my....

 Now, this 'identity' is only to share with a very very very few folk

It is my rest of life ID

Online. Not that online does much good, however we are where we are.

And it feeds in as 'author' to two projects using stand alone unassociated webpages.  One pious and erudite. The other quite the opposite (unless you have a mind in which case you will have learned loving sedition changed the world. For the better. Even the UK - albeit 200 odd years ago).

It - anything here, for now, really is only to honeytrap the very very very few grown ups left in Western Society.

Just one would be nice.

And as i hardly ever use sugar, it won't be the sweet version of any trap. It will be the sublime real version.

Only an intelligent publisher or broadcaster may understand. And there are very few of you, too.

And i shall try to simplify why 'schism'  - though it is just playing with words.

Two, or three 'realities' to me are above mere words.

Two are here. In the video clips below.

The third is the only question left in British 'politics' - now all others are over - the neoliberals in bed with big corporations won for good. Or for at least some years, and that is: is it a good thing for society  if we manage to nudge the EU issue back into the debating chamber of parliament? (via strategic future election voting) As that is the ONLY place change gets made - young 'activists' and people like Russell Brand seem to forget - as if just because they call themselves 'activist' some real grown up thing may change. As if the connected consciousness of the universe will see it all works out in the end for them....Nope it takes a VOTE. Even to  have another vote on it. Or to just put right what was a silly little mistake. ANYone could have made...

And that i shall return to if provisional plans go ahead which will only happen if a few are on the same page as me.

Otherwise leave this madhouse of a land and just write. And maybe 'broadcast' in time.

And i want a few grown up equal helpers.